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My name's Eunji, and last week our mum decided to get married to this dude who had three bloody daughters, while she herself has us three adoptive children already.

This week, in order to "help" us get closer to one another and to go on their honeymoon peacefully, our newly married parents decided to send us all to live in this new house- Alone.

...Do you think it's possible for us six to unite as one?


An idea that suddenly popped up while I was trying to prepare for an essay wtf; hopefully it'll work out somehow.


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nathanchen #1
Chapter 7: my eunrong ♡♡♡
how can eunji to be this kind. i fall in love with her ♡♡♡
continue soon authornim. thanks for the stort. fighting
Ilove_Sanayeon_55 #2
elrein #3
Chapter 7: Aaaaaaa an update *lovelovelove
Well Namjoo's scene kinda remind me when Apink won on music broadcast, she cried, rite? :""""
I miss Apink :"""""
Thank you for update, authornim. Have a great day (:
NotRong43 #4
Chapter 7: Glad that Joo is opening up. I cant wait to read more about other characters too
NotRong43 #5
Chapter 7: Yayy thanks for updating more frequently lately
Apinkeuforever #6
Chapter 6: Please update chapter 7
Apinkeuforever #7
Chapter 5: You can write on your free time or.. because the story is great
Apinkeuforever #8
Chapter 5: Author nim I understand if you don't Stan Apink anymore and Stan other girl groups or any groups, or if your busy. But I hope
Apinkeuforever #9
Author nim please update! the story author nim
Eunrong28 #10
Chapter 6: An update! Yeayyy! Thnks author-nim..