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ミ●﹏☉ミ (includes emoticons, symbols, artsy stuff)


◤Full of symbols, emoticons, borders; all that to use for your fics◥ 


V  \
 \  \_
   |\ `. `.       
   ( \  `. `-.                        _,.-:\
    \ \   `.  `-._             __..--' ,-';/   
     \ `.   `-.   `-..___..---'   _.--' ,'/
      `. `.    `-._        __..--'    ,' /
        `. `-_     ``--..''       _.-' ,'
          `-_ `-.___        __,--'   ,'
             `-.__  `----"""    __.-'
	to get more of the the text art, like the banana up there, head to chapter 10.

just my collection for better accessibility.

copy and paste.


I'm just stuffing symbols here so I can access them better.


These don't work in comments, by the way. But they work everywhere else!



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bulalo #1
This is so cool.
cristiano #2
i use this so much, it's unbelievable xD
forever_ML #3
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luhans-vaqina #4
been coming back since 2011 <3
BaekHug #5
Chapter 10: you should continue posting stuff ;A;
-callthedoctor #6
This is very helpful! Thank you for posting them here! I spent around half an hour here just to make a short status for myself. xD
babymaybesone #7
Chapter 4: NICE!I like the chess board pattern!
babymaybesone #8
Chapter 5: WOW!This is seriously very helpful!Thank you for giving this!
daejae34 #9
Chapter 1: This was so useful. I used them as my status. Keke~!
jongieballs #10
Chapter 3: Can you make an XOXO sign with hearts?