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What if BTS had 8 members, and the 8th member happened to be an African American female, from America? After leaving a girl group because of bad management, Jennie tries to work hard to continue being a young performer. After a while, she finds herself in an audition for BigHit and ends up being a foreign trainee before earning a spot in the upcoming group, BTS. (Eventual Jungkook X OC, Slowburn)

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Author’s Note- Hey!! I’m starting off with a story idea I’ve had for a couple months. I decided to put my own perspective and imagination on what if BTS had a female in their group from America. This’ll be a long story from their debut to today, so enjoy the ride!

I want this character to be relatable and grow as a performer while she’s in BTS as well as go through hardships. It’ll be a slow start but it will get better as the chapters go on, I hope you give it a chance. 

This will mainly start off with friendship. Not just the character and the love interest. I don’t want to rush things and I want to add in cute moments and etc. As well as show her friendship with the other members and even being friends with other people from different groups, having cute moments with them too.

I probably won’t make the character and Jungkook a couple until around the 2016ish stage. It took me a couple months to prepare and do research so I can get a good timeline and I want to add everything in it, from them at KCon, going to school in South Korea, Variety Shows, Interviews, sasaeng fans, the American hustle Life, VLive videos, all of that stuff. I haven’t really seen any of that or scenarios that I thought would be it so I decided to make my own.

I only finished one chapter so far, but the next time I update, I’ll make sure to have a lot of chapters done so I won’t make you wait a long time for me to update. Right now there’s over 80 chapters so far.

As always it’s a slow start but once the character gets to South Korea it’ll blast off from there.

This is my first KPOP story. If you like this and continue to read it, thank you, and leave a like and/or comment your thoughts. Enjoy the positive atmosphere!

I think it’s time for Jimin to become the mischievous matchmaker and drive a certain Maknae crazy with his antics

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Chapter 65: That was an amazing chapter! I like how you incorporated real life situations. And I love how Jennie dealt with what Namjoon said. And I'm indefinitely excited for Kook's reaction to her and Kevin. Can't wait for the next update!
Angelabelle #2
Chapter 65: Omg I hate the idea of someone being too dark especially in korea, they judge everyone based on their looks, like skin color and weight are such a big deal it makes me sad. Also I love Taennie, and Jungkook lowkey jealousy mainly caused by chim lol
jawsthecat #3



also, i love how jen handled the situation with namjoon. truly an amazing chapter.
Bts56isawsomeilkpop #4
Chapter 64: Please update soon!!
loveemyseelf #5
Srsly you need to stop giving me heart attacks!!!! What happened in the laser tag game and when he touched her almost killed me!!!! AND KOOK'S BEAR COSTUME!! T_T
I'm not complaining but it would calm me a little if Jennie realized her true feelings for Kookie
That was a good chapter. I about died when she pulled the Tanisha hahahaha. That was great! Can't wait for your next update!
Angelabelle #7
Chapter 64: I love her relationship w the boys sm omg and jealous jk strikes again yasss
Chapter 64: The 95 kids know that the Golden Duo would be together. ahhaha :)
Can't wait for them to do something about it. :D
Killerkhaos #9
Sorry to bother you but on your tumblr you had a scheduled update for the 3rd, I can't remember the chapter title - can't get no sleep (I think), can't find the update.
I know you're busy and I don't want to rush you and probably by the time you've read this you've already uploaded it. Sorry for annoying you.
Lelenati32 #10
Chapter 64: this is already really getting annoying, I would try to do something but it seems they already deleted the story it seems they can not have their own ideas.