"Yes, Ma'am!"

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The days of our youth are like shooting stars in the night sky—fleeting but unforgettable.


Not only is rookie teacher Choi Yeonri late for her first day of school, she also gets knocked off her feet by a reckless motorcyclist going seventy miles per hour in a school zone, landing in a disgraced heap in front of the discipline master. "That's ok," she tells herself, because Great Teacher Onizuka didn't become GTO by having an easy start either. Bursting with an overzealousness, she marches in to her first class thinking this is the beginning of a long and beautiful journey in shaping the lives of young minds.

Little does she know that what she's walking into is in fact a living hell, made a hundred times worse by the one motorcycle maniac who completely ruined her image on the first day of school—Kim Jongdae—problem student extraordinaire.

In between keeping up with her stacks of marking, fending off her mother's enthusiastic arrangement of blind dates and counselling the many troubled young minds in her class, she soon learns that teaching is perhaps not all that she expected it to be.

And neither is love.




Author's Note: 

This is the first time that I'm writing a story featuring Chen as the lead character and it is way overdue! Chen is actually my second favourite member in EXO (after Kyungsoo) but I have mostly lacked inspiration for a Chen story until now. 

The premise of this story is nothing new and probably overused, but that's not stopping me anyhow. I suppose school days for most people would have encompassed a great deal of ups and downs, making friends, losing friends, laughing and crying over silly things that seemed so important back then, and generally just creating memories that last a lifetime. This story will follow the characters through all that and more—and in the process, everyone will grow up in one way or another. 

Besides members of EXO, you can assume all other characters in this story to be OCs, even if they share similar names as existing idols. 

Warning: There will be mention of bullying, suicide and possibly other sensitive topics in this story. 

Enjoy the story and subscribe, upvote or leave me a comment to let me know what you think!    

This story is entered into the First Frost writing challenge: 
Prompt #29 "There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full."



势在必行 — Bii & 陈势安
We Are Young 我们青春  Dino Lee
— Seventeen
For You 
Back In Time 逆时光的浪 — Bii 


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Chapter 37: Jin?
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Chapter 24: Low key almost cried in this chapter. Omg I love this
Hi Amber! I just want to thank you for giving us a chance to read another masterpiece. I've been reading your fanfics for a long time now and you are one of my favorite author here. Furthermore, I kind of relate to this story regarding Jongdae's issue with his father and his high school life. I love that you life to another type of character for Jongdae because he is always a side character in most of the stories that I've read here. I'm looking forward to read "No, Sir!" and your other stories. More power to you, Amber! Sending my love from the Philippines. <3
Chapter 44: I literally crying ryt now...you cant end the story like this so i expect a sequel ok? But take your time
oh my god im reading this def hahaha cuz omg u know abt GTO ++ ur soundtrack playlist gimme a singaporean chinese vibe HAHAHAH(im q biased) and yep the sensitive topics are elements i find relatively interesting oso omg cant wait to read this hehehe.