Butler [Jungkook X Reader]

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you's POV


"Don't move, ya 'lil girl." A deep husky voice said sending shivers down my spine.I froze at my spot as my heart started to panic. I can feel the coldness of the thing he was pointing in my temple.

"What do you want now?" I asked sternly trying not to act weak. He moved closer to my ear and felt his breath against my skin. Damn! This man doesn't know what proper hygiene means! His breath stings like fvck!

"You know what I've always wanted, honey. Your wealth." I rolled my eyes and hissed. He seemed to be pissed and was about to hurt me so I elbowed him quickly and kicked him hard right on his crotch. Making sure he won't be able to make babies in the future anymore. He crouched on the ground and I was about to escape when he suddenly hold on my leg making me tripped and landed on my other knee.

Fvck! That hurts like hell! I should've insured my legs. Damn! This man needs to pay!

I winced as I carried my own body away from the dirty ground. Using my free leg, I turned and gave him a hard kick on the face. My high heels have purpose tho. He winced in pain and let go of my other leg. I took off my high heels and threw it at him before running away.

"Stop there or I'll blow your head!" He warned but being a hard-headed spoiled brat I am, I continued running. I squealed as someone suddenly grabbed my waist and swing me after hearing a gunshot. 

I closed my eyes hardly and waited for the bullet to come and dig in to me but I felt nothing. All I feel is my arched back with someone's arm supporting my waist. I again heard a gunshot but I guess that one's coming from whoever was holding me. I opened my eyes and saw the guy who tried to kill me was already lying dead on the ground. Slowly, I turned my head to my savior. He was wearing a hoodie and a mask covering up to his nose, revealing only his two dark orbs which were piercing into mine. He looks so familiar. My brows crossed and removed his mask. I stood straight in front of him as my eyes widened.

"Jeon Jungkook?!" I uttered as he touched the back of his neck. "What do you think you're doing? You should be doing the dishes right now in the mansion! You still have to do my laundries and it's getting late so make my dinner now!"


Gosh, so many ideas are popping out of my mind so I have to write this down quick lmao. Anyways, as what the title says, it'll be updated soon since I still have two fanfics to do lol. I'm just gonna leave this here.

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0 points #1
Chapter 27: Oh thank God (and you). I thought Jungkook was dead. But even if he's missing I'm still crying. This story made me cry oceans.
KaraTeentop 0 points #2
Chapter 27: Noooooo!!!! I swear this story just makes me so emotional. Btw, I don't believe he died.
Lululu311 #3
Chapter 26: Whywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhyyyyyyyyyyyyyy??? Save them pls!! Gosh Im emo sory lol
KimTeeNa #5
Chapter 26: Ooohhhh noooo.. Nononononono.... Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... Is the parents save? Die? Jungkook? Save? Die? Sad ending or happy ending... Damnnnnnn im cryinggggggggg..
Chapter 26: Nooooo!!! But I hope they are one of the missing passengers....
AuthorizedAhoge #7
Chapter 26: F R I C K
KaraTeentop #8
Chapter 26: Noooooooo!!!!!!
ctnajihah #9
i love this ff ..but the moment i saw my name...i stop read it..sorry.. i just hate my name as oc .. i hope can change oc girl to korean name like haeul,yemin
KaraTeentop #10
Chapter 25: Oh !!!! Yaaaasssss !!!! Give her what she deserves! And after that, let Jungkook murder tae. Or do you want me to do it as Changjo~ or!! My own story's character Ace?