Hearts Afire (We're Infinity)

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Sehun will go anywhere as long as Jongin is with him.

That, is a promise.






✽ yooo my first friends-with-benefits story!! i blame the anons on my askfm for igniting this idea sobs i didn't need another new fic idea !!

✽ but here it is. this will be a relatively short fic tho. 5 chapters total. so hopefully it won't take up too much of my time... >.>

✽ i called this the "romeo and juliet" fic while talking on askfm bc it is exactly that... hopefully it won't end as tragically tho #oops.

✽ this is also the "love me right mv" sekai fic i had never written but wanted to until now... so enjoy high school teenage sekai first love and angst hahaha.

✽ beautiful poster by glasshouse graphics, thank you!







“After things have died down… Let’s get you a passport. A fake passport, even. I have the money for it. Then, let’s go to New York.”

“New York?” Sehun pulls back, blinking confused eyes at him.

“Yeah. It’s been my dream all this time, you know. I want to be a professional Broadway Actor… Perform in musicals and shows… Let the world know of my passion for dancing and acting… I’ve never wanted to take over my parents’ company.”

“I never did, either,” Sehun says quietly. “I wanted to be in the fashion industry… I wanted to model, to design clothes. I didn’t want to be stuck in an office signing documents…”

“Then that’s perfect! New York is also a great place to get started in the fashion industry! Come with me, and we’ll realize our dreams together!”

When Sehun looks at Jongin, his eyes are timid, scared, but also hopeful at the same time. “Do you think we really can do it?”

“As long as we’re together, we can do it,” Jongin says, nothing surer in his life. “The question is… Would you be willing to go with me? To a place unknown? Start over, together?”

Sehun keeps their gazes locked for a moment longer before a soft smile spread across his lips, eyes curved into those pretty crescents Jongin has always loved. “I will go anywhere, as long as it’s with you,” he replies.


Sehun will go anywhere as long as Jongin is with him.

That, is a promise.



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KTsuki-chan 40 streak #1
Chapter 6: Cute "other" ending, though less emotional than the first... well, hard to get as emotional as in the precious one... ;-;
KTsuki-chan 40 streak #2
Chapter 5: I swear, I literally stopped at the "they won't catch up to us, don't worry", and thought please not an ending like this and what did you do?? Urgh...
tarahfields #4
Chapter 5: I cried so hard
professorsybil #5
The story is so beautiful T_T
Chapter 6: Well at least they got to live out their dreams and meet again
Chapter 5: I am not okay. It takes a lot to make me cry and now I am
Lolypop123 12 streak #8
Chapter 6: TT^TT that was beautiful.im tearing when they both dead.but at last they together in another world :D
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