Rounding the circle of love

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Settings of Rounding the circle of love --> 35 years after Railway Experiences/ 25 years after Roller Coaster Love


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KeiXHae #1
Chapter 173: Awesome story :)
cj041586 #2
Chapter 173: This was a Awesome and Beautiful story and a perfect ending to the other two(: Great Job I really enjoyed reading all of them <3333
Eunbby #3
Chapter 173: Didnt sleep to read this trilogy!!!! Thank you author-nim for sharing this story!!! Well done!! /slow clap/
LEHJ04 #4
Chapter 174: Btw did u just shuffle hyukkie's birth date for Eunhye's number in prison? :D
esmeberta #5
Chapter 174: You know I can write a really long comment...but I just don't have any words to do it right now, so I just want to say one big THANK YOU for sharing this story and keep're awesome *hugs* <3 <3 <3
_missgabs #6
Chapter 173: I spent the last few days reading the whole trilogy and i have to say thatthis is definitely one of my top top top fave stories ever!! It was so adorable and sweet and loving with just the right amount of drama; it made me anxious and tense but didnt give me a heart attack, which i love!! :D
Thank you so much! Each story was over 100 chaters so it much have been hard on you, so thank you thank you thank you! ♥
Ladyghai #7
Chapter 173: Oh my god! I really love this story! And all the trilogy this is such an amazing story! Wahhh! I'm going to read them all again especially the first part of the trilogy my favorite! ;) you really did a great job authornim! ;)
haehyukme #8
Chapter 174: now i start reading all over again from the railway experiance until this last chapter,, the scene that i love so much is the scene between eunhae n haeheun,, now going to read another story of yours ,, hehehehe
saranghae <3