Gangsters in Love

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She's the daughter of a mafia lord. She's the mafia princess. She's a known goddess.

Who is he? Please don't leave..... 


He's the son of an infamous gangster. He is the Prince of the gangsters. He is a known legend. 

Who is she? I can't get her out of my mind....



Her Side


The only female gang under the Shadows. They all look innocent but everyone of them can pack a punch. 

Saeki Akira (Himé) - The Mafia Princess. 


- Kind hearted and Bright 

- Sassy with EVERYONE 

- Leader of the Guardians 

- Good Fighter; specializes in firearms

- her siblings are BTS's V and The Guardian's Rima

- everyone in the Shadows respects and listens to her

- she is almost always with Ace or V

Kanzaki Saki (Ace) - The Cold Mystery 

Image result for ulzzang baek sumin

- Akira's best friend 

- Member of the Guardians 

- Best fighter, but she prefers to use her gun. Specializes in weapons

- The assasin and the Brains of the group (hacking and planning)

- everyone in the Shadows is either scared of her or respects her. 

- Cold and reserved (she doesn't talk much, people think she's mute)

- Almost always wearing a mask

- Jungkook's younger sister and Angel's older sister

Kanzaki Yukirin (Angel) - The Innocent Maknae


- Jungkook and Ace's younger sister and Akira's close friend

- looks up to Ace and Jungkook a lot, misses them when they're gone. 

- Maknae of the Guardians, also the shortest one of the group 

- Medical and chemical specialist; weapon designer

- rarely joins in on fights as she is usually in the lab developing medicines and weapons or treating her wounded members

- everyone in the Shadows thinks of her as a little sister.

- Quiet and caring, the nicest of the Guardians

Saeki Rima - The Loving Umma 


- Akira's older sister and Alice's best friend.

- Although she is the older sister, her father thought Himé was more fit to be a leader. She completely agrees with that and loves her sister more than anything. 

- Umma of the group

- gangs in the Shadows respect her and think of her as a counselor. 

- the nurse when Angel is gone

- specializes in tracking and profiling enemies

Huang Alice


- Rima's best friend

- in charge of getting rid of evidence

- specializes in transportation of goods and money

- usually holds the meetings for the guardians

- a known player

- everyone in the Shadows respects her

His Side

Teen Top

Lee Chunji - The Gangster Prince 


- Cold to those outside his gang, bright and cheery to those he's close with. 

- Member of Teen Top (Second in command)

-Good Fighter and Bomb Specialist 

- has a childhood friend who he vaguely remembers

Lee L.joe - The Ice Prince


- Cold and reserved 

- Member of Teen Top 

- Chunji's best friend 

- Best fighter and Gun Specialist 

- Grew up with Changjo and Chunji

- in love with his childhood friend that disappeared

Choi Changjo - The 4D Maknae


- cold and witty 

- member of Teen Top

- Specialist in combat and Weapon Design

- He doesn't like to show his weakness to his loved ones.

- Grew up with L.Joe and Chunji

- In love with a childhood friend who disappeared 

CAP - The leader 


- Teen Top's leader

- forever sleepy 

- specializes in combat

- Niel's best friend in Teen Top

Ricky - The Fake Maknae


- he looks like he's the youngest 

- a drug dealer who uses his childish face to his advantage 

- member of Teen Top

- playboy

Niel - The Boy with the Lips


- Member of teen top

- The tech guy

- he also specializes in stitching

- nice and weird




AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hi! This is my first ever fanfic written so please bare with me. I'm not that great with spelling or writing for that matter. I apologize in advance because my English isn't exactly the best. It wasn't my first language. I hope you all enjoy the story! Please subscribe and up vote this story if you like it!!


Hey lovelies! I might be a day or two late on my update this week! I’m having early finals before thanksgiving break so I need to study. Sorry!!!

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