The Troublesome Wheepup


Ever wonder how it would feels like to have a housemate like wheein the wheepup? 


Disclaimer: Lets start with a disclaimer, shall we. This story is a by-product of an active imagination on what kind of havoc that Wheein the Wheepup could create as a housemate. No copyrights infringement intended and no money is made from all of this. 


Author's Note: 

So, this is my first time writing an RPF, but nanowrimo is coming and its been awhile since I write anything, and I'm currently obssessed with Mamamoo, so I thought why not write a fanfic based on them. Voila! Here we are. 

Hopefully all of you will enjoy the stories and bear with me, as I may not update as frequently as I wanted. Oh! Feels free to comment! And lastly, my grammar , and I apologized for that.

Happy reading! Hope it makes you laugh!!


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Old_Moomoo #1
Chapter 15: This is romantic friendship! Ot4.. they know each other they are there for each other they care for each other <3
itsrj90 #2
Chapter 14: it is soooooo kyoooooooot
make more like this wkwkkw
Chapter 15: Its delivered then author
So fluffy
Always teased leader yong
hyuklover_eida #4
Chapter 15: hahahaha, drinking game..hyejin most favourite game...well, atleast its 4 of them...less crazy if only hyejin and wheein was it???lol
Giv_d_moomoo #5
Chapter 15: Kyaa! My ot4 feels! I *hearteu* this!
pupi6690 #6
Chapter 15: Aaaah, I LOVE OT4!! SO MUCH!! ㅠㅠ
Chapter 14: Are you having trouble writing lately author-nim? Don't push yourself too hard. Take it easy and steady. We the readers will be fine quite alright. :)
4dwaffle #8
Chapter 14: That's really kawaiii ^w^
Giv_d_moomoo #9
Chapter 14: Aww. Fluff every where. I feel warm and fuzzy all of a sudden. Haha!