The Thirteenth Power


The Nine have finally found something of a chaotic harmony after months of fighting and people leaving.  It's been months since someone left and things have settled down.  At least, they were settled until Sehun brings the news that someone new is coming to disrupt the balance they have worked so hard for.  Who is this someone who threatens to take what The Nine have worked so hard for?  

Ellie has always kind of known that she perceived the world around her differently than others.  No matter what she did to hide, she still feels every single emotion of those around her.  She knows what people feel, what they think, and is just short of reading minds.  Everything is going just fine and she's handling it well until one day someone who she thought she could trust turns on her, and the betrayal shakes her to the core.  But... no one else knows about her perception, so who can she lean on for support?

OT9 with mentions of OT12.  Will I ever include the other three in this fic as characters?  I literally don't even know yet.

WARNING in Chapter 2 there are strong themes, an attempted murder (spoilers) and language.  It won't always be so strong, but the language will get stronger and those themes will be recurring.  It's not a very LIGHT story at times, but I try.  If it gets super graphic or gross I will rate this "M" but for now it's not too graphic or strong.  At least, I hope not.  If it is, don't hesitate to say so.



EXO and their super power is property of SM Entertainment and Ellie is my own character and own creation. 



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Softballgrl13811 #1
Chapter 3: I really like this.. it is interesting to say the least =) I can't wait for more
Alosya #2
Is this ot9 exo or the other will show up later
minoxhoonie #3
Chapter 3: I love your writing style, it is so descriptive! The plot is pretty interesting as well. Keep it up! :D