Fall in love with the Vampire



What is it feels like to be in love with a vampire? It’s risky I know but I can’t help it when the first time I saw him. Something about him attracts me at first it was not love, until he told me who he is and I fallen in love with him. Is it wrong to be in love with a vampire?


XDXD my 6th or 7th fic? lol I hope you guys like this one!! Take it as my New year and Xmas gift~! Taesica forever! Oh ya! I wrote this based on Twilight ^^ not really alike to the story...well only the part 1 part 2 will be on my own plot!


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Iriseapril #1
Chapter 20: Authornim update this story pleaseeee
megumiyuki #2
Chapter 20: Kindly update this author-shi (insert *puppy eyes* and *pout*)
Jinyoung18 #3
Chapter 20: I love your story
Va_asianloverz #4
Chapter 20: please update soon
Suzy_sayA19 #5
Chapter 20: Update soon please and this chapter is so.pretty
gothprincess666 #6
Love the chapters and the story its very interesting.:)
Suzy_sayA19 #7
Chapter 18: Please update this story.....
zeinnn #8
Chapter 19: Why you took so long for hiatus?
Please update soon sunbsenim ASAP!!!!
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Chapter 19: please update soon
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