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- You can ask about the status of your request;
- Please credit the shop;
- Remakes are allowed, if you explain why;
- I accept requests for fanfics that aren't published yet;
- Don't rush me, I have a life outside of aff too ♥
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Don't forget to comment after you request and after pickup!

TRASHCAKE - Full Pack - Peppero Kisses - On Going
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author - request - story title - status
author - request - story title - status

author - request - story title - status


author's notes
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WOWOWOW Just made another request even though the shop is closed. Such a rebel. Kill me now
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Made a special request *w* xoxo <3
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Chapter 61: I wasn't sure when I requested the story logo and the character chart thingy because I've never seen those in other people's stories...But I was wronggg guurrllL! It fits the mood so well and it actualy makes the story stand out a bit. I'll be requesting again once the shop opens! Thank you !!!!
Umm, hi, I'd come to pick up but I didn't really look too closely until now. I'm so sorry but I think you made a typo (i don't if the typo is actually mine and you just took it or if the typo is yours but anyway). Like the story's name is Unspoken Agreement. You wrote it Unspoken Agreedment. If you have time, can you please try to fix it and remake the poster? I'm so sorry I know you are busy but it's just that it's really obvious and the theme is supposed to be angst but the typo is kind of funny so it's ruining the mood of the fic xD. Whatever your answer is, thanks anyway! <3
RealisticOptimist #5
Chapter 59: THank you it's beautiful! <33
Requested :D
Hi, I'm new to asianfanfics. This is my AO3 Profile . As you can see I like EXO, BTS and VIXX. I have a few questions since we in AO3 don't have posters. Do you make any group? Can we make multiple requests? Also, do you make aff icons? Thank you for your time. and check my stories if you have time.
Chapter 60: I have picked up and credited thanks again :D
Um, so I saw that my request was on the list and then it's gone. Did I do something wrong in the form?
Chapter 58: wahhh thank you so much for you amazing work ^^D