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A Free Poster Shop!
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- Comment when requesting and after pick up;
- Please fill in the form correctly;
- Karma donations are appreciated;
- You can ask about the status of your request;
- Please credit the shop;
- Remakes are allowed, only if you explain why;
- I accept requests for fanfics that aren't published yet;
- You can request as many times as you want;
- Don't rush me, I have a life outside of aff too and I work alone too♥
Password: Blue





Request List:  
Don't forget to comment after you request and after pickup!

돌아온 햄찐 (Hamzzin Lee) - Full Pack + Story Logo - 한잔 - On Hold
aliah_exodus - Poster - Fata Morgana Fathom - Finished
Yuriuchiwa - Chapter Cover -Dhampire Princess - Finished
Yuriuchiwa - Chapter Cover - Dhampire Princess - Finished
DramaKingsStudio - Poster- The Last War - On Going

Sycllas - Poster- Masters Venom - Pendent
AilinRose - Poster, Background, Chapter Cover - The Game - Pendent
author - request - story title - status
author - request - story title - status


Yet to found

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Hello, I had credited your shop and put your banner at my story! Thank you once again for the beautiful poster!
Chapter 147: I've pick up the poster and it's so lovely! Thank you! ^•^
Please message me once the shop opens, I have a new request I want to make :D Lots of love <3
Chapter 146: i picked up....this is great, i didnt expect the result to be this great and beautiful..thanks^^
I requested. Happy New Year!
i've requested ^^
Chapter 145: WOW! I was just blown away by how beautiful this poster and background are. I love everything about them. Thank you so much!
Your style is cute ^-^ Requested~~<3
hi ! i have requested for the first time, thank you~~~ please enjoy your day!!!
Chapter 144: Hi, I picked it up- thank you, it's beautiful!