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Cherry Dragon Shop
A Free Poster Shop!
- Subscribe is a must but upvoting is optional;
- Comment when requesting and after pick up;
- Please fill in the form correctly;
- Karma donations are appreciated;
- You can ask about the status of your request;
- Please credit the shop;
- Remakes are allowed, if you explain why;
- I accept requests for fanfics that aren't published yet;
- Don't rush me, I have a life outside of aff too and i work alone too♥
Password: Blue





Request List:  
Don't forget to comment after you request and after pickup!

author - request - story title - status
author - request - story title - status
author - request - story title - status
author - request - story title - status
author - request - story title - status


author's notes
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VkookIsMyReligion 0 points #1
Hi! I just created my AFF. I come from AO3 so I don't know much about art on this website. I hope I did well on the form. I subscribed as well and followed the rules. Thank you in advance !
0 points #2
Chapter 94: can I request chapter cover for my story in 3 different version, since I have 3main couple.
Chapter 100: Picked up! I'm sorry for your amazing work once again. Sorry to be asking for so much. I love the character review. So original
Chapter 99: I picked up thanks^^...It looks so cute^^
Just picked up! Thank you so much for your work :)
Hi. I know the shop is closed but I want to request and I'll wait for later when you open :)
Chapter 92: Omg picked it up. ITS SO DOPE THANK YOU FOR YOUR ART. Ps the pics you chose were bomb.
I have picked up. Thank you for your work, I appreciate it.
Chapter 94: I LOVE that you used that baby. the character chart is my favorite thing, I've sent some kp. Thank you soooo much!
Chapter 93: i requested again^^