Reality Show: Living With VIXX

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How would it be if you could live together with your favorite K-Pop group? Be with them, talk with them, join them with their schedules.
Three STARLIGHTs from The Netherlands will be given the chance to do so. Together, they will be involved with the making of VIXX their new album while also living together with the members under one roof. In this reality show you will follow them inside their dorm, with schedules and missions and see how they will interact with each other. To make it even more fun, the STARLIGHT from all around the world are able to give their input for every mission in the show*. They can choose things like activities, locations and themes.
What will happen between them? Follow the show and see the moments of laughter and tears, fights and friendships, maybe a bit of romance, stress and relaxation.


I am writing this together with Nine and with the help from Sabine.
Nine and I got the idea for this fanfiction after we saw VIXX live in Paris, France in 2014. Because of this, the story will start in that year.
As a disclaimer: apart from a few things, nothing of this fanfiction's content did happen in real life: this is all from our imagination and purely intended for the story. This includes the personalities of the characters.
* In the description it's said that STARLIGHT are able to give their input for every mission in the show. This is meant for the fictional STARLIGHTs, not for the readers. Sorry for the confusion.

English is not my native language, so I am sorry beforehand for any mistake that I make.
Comments, tips, feedback and mistakes are all welcome~

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dimeb29 1 points #1
Chapter 14: How dare they call my Nine fat!!! They're sooo jealous of her. And it seems like Wook and Inguk don't like each other....... speaking of Inguk, does he like my Nine?? Good thing they aren't allowed to date, but that makes me sad also cause now how am i supposed to get Nine shipped off with Hakyeon and Taekwoon now...... I GOT A BOY ON MY CHIN~~ Great chapter well worth the wait.
dimeb29 #2
Chapter 13: So much food!!! I love it! Nine was being nice to Ken. Morena got some cute mustache socks. Sabine got waffles paid for by the Jung Taekwoon! So excited for Mine's evaluation and future interactions with in guk! The show starting and I am so hyped for it! Great chapter!
dimeb29 #3
Chapter 12: She really loves him to sleep with her album! Id be so scared to break my albums lol. .... thats so cool you guys got to see vixx! Im still waiting :( Hopefully Vixx goes to kcon and i can go see them, but thats just my wishful thinking lol good chapter!
dimeb29 2 points #4
Chapter 11: The show is finally coming together the girls have alot to offer the boys! You go Nine! You fangirl and get his number! Thats awesome like she's possibly going to spend one on one time with her bias, i hope Sabine and Morena get to as well! ^_^ <3
dimeb29 2 points #5
Chapter 10: Its okay Kenjumma! Morena will still ride with you! And Yaaaaaaaasssssss! Nine met Baekhyun! Baek is bae! Like yasssss! And they met Amber and Jin!!! Like life doesn't get better than that in one day! ^_^ <3
dimeb29 1 points #6
Chapter 9: Aweee! Nine and N! Seriously too cute! Future couple alert????... Can't wait to see Nine fangirl some more over groups. Im really curious who her biases for each group are as well as for Morena and Sabine..... Dress for the weather Morena!!! Giving None your jacket is nice, but you can seriously get sick.
Unnie! Take care of yourself! Your health comes first. Nine too! Take care of yourselves well. I'll be sad if something happens to you guys :( Tell Nine the chapter was great and i cant wait to read more!
dimeb29 1 points #7
Chapter 8: Yasss Ken! You're making progress with Nine! Hmmmm tteokbokki! I really wanna try it! You're so lucky Morena! And Nine got to be fed by the members! Nine, you're lucky too! <3 <3 <3
AbbieTheDinosaur 1 points #8
Chapter 8: Ah! This chapter made me so hungry! I want to go to Korea for the food, the plus of hot idols is a bonus! Hehe~ Another lovely chapter like always. Keep up the good writing. <3<3<3
dimeb29 2 points #9
Chapter 7: Great chapter! Best part has to be nine sided stepping Ken and him running into the pole! Lmao. And thank goodness Leo got lattes, nine surely needed it!. I can't wait for the filming of the show to start!
dimeb29 2 points #10
Chapter 5: I'm super excited for the girls leaving. Like super excited. I smell romance in the air.... that makes me happy. Great story so far! Fighting!