If You're The One: A Collection of Scenarios (ALWAYS OPEN & REQUEST NOW)

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Sweet & Bittersweet Scenarios For You & Your Bias(es)


Hello, readers!

I have decided to create a new scenario shop!

As I have mentioned in the other scenario shop, do not worry about your past requests in the other scenario shops. I will still write those requests in my newest scenario shop here.

So feel free to request for as many scenarios as you like!

- dbskgirl4ever


Please DO NOT copy any scenarios!

DO NOT take any ideas, plot lines, dialogues, or characters from these scenarios!

Some of these scenarios will become furture full stories in the future. A couple of my stories have come from previous scenarios as well, like my wolf series.

Therefore, DO NOT plagiarize in any way! Any form of translating, printing, reposting, saving, or copying is NOT allowed!


1. DO NOT take any ideas from my scenarios.

2. DO NOT upvote.

2. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE and check daily because I will not notify you personally when I write your scenario.

3. Please choose partner from the LIST OF IDOLS.

4. NO , yuri, celebrity x celebrity, character x character. Only you and your bias.

5.  As the author, I have the right to MODIFY any parts of your application to fit the criteria, such as name, partner, and plot. (It will be labeled as CHANGED.)

6. REQUEST AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT. One scenario per form, please. So if you want 5 scenarios, you must submit 5 forms. DO NOT submit the same, exact application multiple times UNLESS you are asking for author's choice or surprise. Only then can you submit exact, same forms multiple times.

7. Follow ALL DIRECTIONS on the application and submit without paranthesis.


Name: (Last, First. Korean/ Chinese name preferred or at least a Korean/Chinese last name.)

Partner: (Idol group & Name. Example: Exo's Kris, 24K's Hui, or BTS Jungkook.)

Or just write SURPRISE and I will choose an idol for you.

I will NOT take requests for siblings, rivalries, best friends, etc.

If needed, I will choose them for you.

So if you need any of those, write something like:

-When Kris was angry that another boy asked me out

-When my brother did not want Mark to be my boyfriend

Scenario: (Only 1-2 sentences. Please be specific, detailed, and creative. Fantasy is allowed.) 

If you cannot think of a scenario or you want me to make one up for you, just write AUTHOR'S CHOICE

Things to Remember

  • Scenarios and One-shots are different.  Please request only for SCENARIOS. 
    ex. of scenario: When Seungyoon and I got into a fight because I was dancing with another guy.
    ex. of one-shot: When Jackson and I met and fell in love.
  • I will not be accepting any scenario plots that have to do with:
    1) Anything related to /gay subjects

    2) Mistaking one twin for another
    3) Anything that has to do with dance practice/training/auditions
    4) Rap battles
    5) Anything to do with fanfics, such as reading fanfics and your bias finding out

List of Idols:

Exo OT12 (both K and M including Kris, Luhan, and Tao)

Bangtan Boys




Block B

Teen Top (including L. Joe)




Beast/Highlight (including Hyunseung) 


WINNER (including Taehyun)


Cross Gene


2PM (including Jay Park) 



Monsta X






24K  (Including Sungoh and Daeil)



Big Bang 



Gray (AOMG) 

Henry (Suju M)




SPEED (Including Taewoon) (just added)

Belongs to DBSKGIRL4EVER 2016. All Rights Reserved.

Do not plagiarize. Do not copy in any way.

Do not take any ideas, dialogues, characters, and plot from my story.

Anything that has to do with my story must be given permission by me and credited by you IF I allow you to use certain elements in my story.


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aileejjang 0 points #1
Name: Park Nari
Partner: IKON's Junhoe
Scenario: Author's Choice
aileejjang 0 points #2
Name: Lee Jooae
Partner: B.A.P's Yongguk
Scenario: Author's Choice
aileejjang 0 points #3
Name: Kang Jinah
Partner: Infinite's Sungyeol
Scenario: When Sungyeol fell in love at first sight at Jinah but she already has a boyfriend.
0 points #4
Partner:Jimin bts
Scenario: When he and his friends pranked you and you get so scared (nearly traumatized level)
Khay_2014 0 points #5
Name: Park Krystal
Partner: Bts's Jeon Jungkook
Scenario: When Jungkook's daughter finally wants Krystal to be her mom.
0 points #6
Name : Kim Aejae
Partner : Seventeen Hoshi
Scenario : When Aejae, a shy girl want to confess to Hoshi in valentine day but saw someone already confess to Hoshi. But Hoshi reject her and tell he loves Aejae.
0 points #7
Name : Na Taeeun
Partner : SF9 Rowoon
Scenerio : When Rowoon saved an incoming baseball from hitting Taeeun.
wowwfantasticbabyy 0 points #8
Name: Choi Minjoo
Partner: VIXX's Leo
Scenario: When Minjoo thinks Leo treats her the same as their friends even though they're dating
xxlyannicolexx 0 points #9
Name: Lee Sera
Partner: NCT's Yuta
Scenario: Author's Choice
aileejjang 0 points #10
Chapter 217: Name: Lim Dabi
Partner: Winner's Mino
Scenario: Author's Choice