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Your Choice: or Death


The members of Super Junior, fourteen of them, have entered their dorm after a tiring schedule.  Their dorm's living room was huge! It was big enough to accompany all of the members and even has a large pull out couch.  The lights were off, but when Leeteuk turned them on, they all got a shock of their life.  First, the pull out bed was open, it was never open! Second, there were toys, and I mean.... You know that kind of toys, on the bed. And third, there was a girl standing next to the bed, holding a gun.  "Hello boys." she said slyly. "please take your cloths off and sit down."


A fanfic about a crazy fangirl that wants to see the super junior couples have . If they don't met her standards, they will either die, or get shot, depending on different factors. Oh and I didn't add Shindong cause no idea what couple hes in.


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eunhaeshipper99 #1
Chapter 5: please update soon :(
Lost_feather #2
Chapter 5: when are you going to update this story? :( I check every time i'm in for an update. Hope you will do another chapter soon. I like all of the chapters XD
Animay #3
keeraX #4
Chapter 5: It would be good if at the end shindong comes out of no where and saves them (but maybe after all the couples are done) kekeke~
common-time #5
Chapter 5: Poor Minnie.......Kyu is so sweet to him~

I never knew heechul could top anyone 0.0

tokkiah #6
Chapter 5: So far, I like kangteuk the best>.<
sujing #7
Chapter 5: Please update soon! I can't wait for the next chapter!
fluffycloud448 #8
Chapter 5: New reader here!!! (^o^)/
This is a really good story!! ^o^
Please update soon! Looks like you haven't updated in a while :/
soo-neul #9
I love this story so so so so much, will there be an update soon? eagerly waiting!
xoxanywherexox #10
I Like it, please update :)