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Please Verify Your Age [M] Completed!

Trigger Warning
by Midnightroses
121 subscribers | 3003 views | Updated | Created
Tags   2min   horror   jongkey   shinee   kidnapping   | Report Content | A A A A


SHINee was filming a new drama in the forest just out side of Seoul so all the cast and members had to stay in tents. on their second night of sleeping out in the bush Taemin and Key disappeared without a trace.

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kathleensiew () says about chapter 16:
Awww this is totally one of my favorite fanfics apart form . This fanfic is sweet and romantic ^ ^
Aww Onew oppa you have chicken ^_^

shineeshipper () says about chapter 16:
That gif was perfect and Jongkey is just SOOO adorable *0*. I really liked the plot and the storyline but I thought the writing was a bit off :P. but that's ok XD

LunaRoseValentine () says about chapter 16:
What you did there. I see it. That is one of my favorite episodes XD I've noticed you do this before in your writing, it's an interesting choice. Good story.

hinakey () says about chapter 15:
amazing story

hinakey () says:
I am going to read this .hope is good just like other

mzjonghyun () says about chapter 16:
Love the story...or onew always alone but he still has his chicken

gingah4evah () says about chapter 16:
I vow to mentally sell my soul to Onew, and give him chicken whenever he desires.

alejojaz000 () says about chapter 16:
Love the ending and awww poor Onew lol

heartbrokenghurl () says about chapter 16:
i like the ending its the best!!! poor onew but hes happy for his dongsaengs!!! author-nim DAEBAK!!! thanks for the great story!!!! <3

fan1901 () says about chapter 16:
Awesome ending.
It's so mean, the manager disturbed the jongkey .
Thanks for updating, I can't wait for the sequel

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