6 guys..6 characteristics..6 different background..But they shared 1 dream..they love 1 thing which is MUSIC. How well they will cope their new life when they encountered each other?












Hello! Mimimomo-nim is back with new VIXX OT6 fanfic ^^

(To make it easy, I am inspired by HanaKaze MV for this ff. So, their character basically from that MV. So i hope you guys will understand more)

- thanks to vixxcha for your idea about the story of vixx with different background that you have suggested to me before -

Feel free to read and give your upvote, subscribe and commenting..



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love_kris 0 points #1
Chapter 18: His family is my number suspect here!!
Asynknsh93 0 points #2
Chapter 18: I hope hakyeon didnt mad at him and ask him softly abt what happened.
tutimeow 0 points #3
Chapter 18: what actually happened to Hyuk? please, dont make Hakyeon mad at him..
vixxcha 0 points #4
Chapter 16: hakyeon still care about them..T.T tq for an update authornim ^^
FaSyaNurHa 0 points #5
Chapter 16: Hakyeon is the best leader ever TT
vixxcha 0 points #6
Chapter 15: dont make hakyeon explode or you will regret..tq for an update authornim ^^
chaglutinous 0 points #7
Chapter 15: Owwwwwwwwoeww why'd i found the idea of that sanghyuk cryin is cute xD hopefully things will be alright sooner
love_kris #8
Chapter 14: OooOooh~ Mama cha is angry~ Better be ready for his spanks~ Mama cha being angry is a no-no, he is scary
Asynknsh93 #9
Chapter 14: Oh my~Hyukbin will be scolded my Cha Eomma~ hmmm
chaglutinous #10
Chapter 13: Remember when in mydol where hyukbin was teamed up tgth and it was awkward hahahaha