The Greatest Marriage Scam

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"President of the world famous Bangtan Hotel Group , Mr Park Jung Yeol , has decided to step down and offers his position to the next suitable candidate."






" Mr Park, all of us here knows that you have only one grandson, Park Jimin  and one grand nephew , Jeon Jungkook . May we ask who is the choosen one ?? " 

"  I am not sure yet. The position will be given once they have pass the test " The old man replies with a cheeky smile.

" Ahh Mr Park, another test again ?? " The reporter shakes his head , in amusement ." What test did you set up this time ?? "

" A test to find true love " 




" Hmph , Gramps is giving such an easy test this time " Grabbing his phone and send a text message,


                             To : Jung Hoseok

                     Hook me up with a girl as soon as possible,


Well well.. for those who knows me and have been subscribing to my stories.

This is what i promised.




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Anyway hope you have fun reading them ^^


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Chapter 7: ㄱ오 오샼 지 I am disappointed in you!!! Ok so it's only a spoiler alert if you read hangeul right authornim?!
BabyYungsoo #2
Chapter 12: Hoseok??? O.O
Kim_Haerin99 #3
Chapter 12: Please update!
asselipa #4
Chapter 12: Thank for the update :) im so confused is it jhope that want to kill Jimin all this time ? :O !!!!
1 points #5
Chapter 12: Omo hobi... I'm speechless.. *stares in disbelief* looking forward to your next update!
hana_hani #6
Chapter 12: is it hoseok all this time??
oh my gosh i can't believe it..
prove me wrong author-nim
Thanushiya #7
Chapter 12: I hope Tae tops here please
Mochi_Kookie_V #8
Chapter 8: Is tae bottom or jimin?
Jomaymayy #9
Chapter 11: I'm curious of Yoongi's friend, maybe it was J-hope. Why is Yoongi lying to them
dreamingsyi99 #10
Chapter 10: That his friend's inhealer right? He kept it in order to remember him and his wrath.Hmmm but your friend die not because of you