silly me (short story)


Sunny and Sungmin had known each other since they were in their teens, and throughout that time they hade built a strong friendship, even hosting a radio show togehter for a while. Not only that but both had reached the peak of their career, Sugmin was part one of the biggest boy group (literally they had 13 members) in Asia and Sunny was part of SNSD, the biggest girl group in Asia. However, despite their friendship they had slowly drifted apart, not like they chose to, but due to their busy schedule it was inevitable. Neither of them had time to sleep let alone... fall in love


Date? Boys? Sunny thought *Don't even mention those things* she laughed while answering the MC *  
'I barely have time to go out yet have time to date. I guess we can only imagine, I mean that's why we have our types and watch these dramas. One day I hope to date, but I guess i have to find someone first' she smiled.

MC: Anyone in particular that fits your type

Sunny: Honestly its nothing much, just someone who loves me just as much as I love them. 

Sounds quiet simple doesn't it, but not when you're SNSD i suppose....


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Nelro_Unnie #1
I love ur story u should keep it up, This is a nice story but update soon!!! So much cuteness
SunSunBunny19 #2
Update Soon!!
another-summer #3
Chapter 9: This story makes me smile, so much fluffiness ^^
Update soon, good luck with your studies and exams!
sunsun4ever #4
i will wait your comeback okey..and i will wait this story..goodluck for your exam^^
sunshiners91 #5
Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa so much fluffiness , aigoo^^

Update soon
sicalove93 #6
Soooo much adorable fluffinesss!!!!!
nerdscandy #7
[deactivated] #8
AWWWW this is like super duper fluffyyy nan joha^^
evilpumpkinlover #9
jealousy ! ahaha.. and he blurted all !
this story is like mine, but I 'used' CNBlue Jonghyun to make Sungmin jealous

anw, if you wanna shorten their names, please do it properly.. not only took some of the first letters..
leeteuk-TEUK, eunhyuk-HYUK, sungmin-MING, etc
I was confused when found that 'lee' stands for LETEUK
sunsun4ever #10
Awwwww..finally sungmin confessed..can't wait to know what sunny reaction..update..please update..^^