Can You Hear Me?


Would he be able to break the barrier between senses?

Could he help someone see what music meant to him even though they couldn't listen?

Were they willing to challenge the obstacles ahead of them?

The answer is Yes, but not alone.



Junhong tilted his head as he watched the vibrations on the walls. His picture frames were moving ever so slightly and it seemed to happen often. He couldn't understand why.

He carefully placed his hand on the wall and his eyes widened when rhythmic thuds embraced his fingertips. He mouthed random words and tried bobbing his head, but he couldn't do it right.

Junhong sighed and fell to his knees, he covered his ears with his hands and let out a shaky breath. Why didn't they work? He had them like everyone else but they didn't work.

Without thinking twice Junhong dashed towards his kitchen counter, taking his notepad off of the cold marble. He scribbled down a sentence and with a worried heart he stepped out of his apartment.

He knocked on his neighbours door and clenched his teeth as the door opened. Yongguk looked at him in surprise but he didn't speak, he simply waited as Junhong raised his notebook.

"What is music like?" 



This is based off of my drabble Lost Boy

It's essentially a chaptered version of it :) it's not going to be long, just a few chapters to get the story across

The members probably won't play a huge part, because they'll all be Yongguk's friends essentially but I'll put em there anyway

I don't want to make it a one shot, because it's a lil hard for me to write really long things aha

- Airi

P.S. Don't comment as if you're critiquing the story. This isn't the place for that. I am aware of spelling mistakes and holes in "realistic" aspects, but this is fiction and a fanfic, just putting that out there.

I'm changing Zelo's name to Junhong in the non dialogue bits so I'm sorry if I miss one here and there >.

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Chapter 17: Teehee this story was such a fluffball! Thanks for writing :D <33
Kaisooexoeng #2
Chapter 11: I was actually listening to Stay whilst reading this. My heart
Cupid2013 #3
Chapter 17: Such a cute ending
illyasah #4
Chapter 17: Awww I don't usually read non-M rated things but this was cute I must say. FIGHTING!
Chapter 17: Came back to aff to find out this adorable fic had ended *tears up, but in a good way*. Can't get over how precious they were in those last chapters ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ thank you author nim, I'll be waiting for your next fic!
hayanyuuki #6
Chapter 17: *Wipe the tears* sad it end but that story was soooo perefct and amazing i reales many thig while reading this masterpeace
Bear hug i love u and so proud of u
Chapter 17: Ohhh so you knew it was Ro's XD
Thank you for not giving up of this story, I really like the plot and the characters. Perfection in imperfections that's what makes it more beautiful
Chapter 17: Airi okay *wipes tears away* thank you so much for writing this sorry I still can not believe you decided to write a chaptered fic based on my prompt.
I felt a lot reading this, I cried I laughed I was nervous and anxious and so happy, it's an amazing story!!!!ill never get tired of saying this .
And to top it all you used my 2nd fave soul connection song......<3 it was perfect.
Chapter 17: Silent reader here! lol ...even if I don't write many comments I read your fics and enjoy every word ^^ <3
Chapter 17: AWWWW IT ENDED!!! :( but srsly tho, this is sooo sweet!!! Like Junhong in the story, I have sweet tooth cause I've been wanting to read sweet fluffy fics these days hehehe THANK YOU :)