Little Miss Sidekick


Cecile Lang has always been the sidekick, but she gets her time to shine when she is forced to go on a Tinder date. The problem? Her date isn't her type, reminds her of a pair of chopsticks, and has a dreadful name. The other problems? He rejects her first and is still in high school. The answer? One month of dating featuring the quirky x the nerdy.


Hi guys! 

Long time no see! I almost forgot I had an account here. I'm still writing, but post more stories on fictionpress and soompi. This story is also on there, but I really wanted to share it here too, especially when I've had the vision of the lead guy looking like Park Haejin. (I've made this version more Kpop oriented!)

Park Haejin stars as Ha Shipley Shiwoo.

Jackson (Got7) stars as Lee James.

Sana (Twice) stars as Sana.

Lee Jongsuk stars as Song Mischa.

Cecile Lang = you.

Taeyeon (SNSD) stars as Taeyeon Lang.




Hi! I've added Day 11.2 from Cecile's part and for whoever has read the old "Day 12 - Mr. Chopsticks POV", that has been replaced with the right version. Sorry for the potential confusion I might have caused! Thanks for your understanding.

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purple_dream #1
Pleaseee do more of Park hae Jin Fanficssss ! There are so few that knows how perfect he is for a OC Fanfic ! And yours is amazing so far and you don't know how much I crave for the next chapter to come out ! Everyday I would check my feed to see any updates xD but then again no pressure ! Just wanted to say how amazing the fix is and I would love to read more of Park Hae Jin through your writing <3
133 streak #2
Chapter 35: Cecile heed Mr. Chopsticks warnings about Misha, stay away. More bad mojo at work with that one. I see more buckets of tears.
TheHappyChiaki #3
TheHappyChiaki #4
worth the read
Vattey_baekkie #5
Chapter 32: I'm pretty sure i'm not reading the wrong story...? Why are there BTS members? And this didnt happen in Day 12 Cecile's POV...
Chapter 15: One more thing, you're my inspiration.. And i would like to promote my stories too.. Hope you can enjoy it someday ~
Chapter 15: I cant continue... Too adult... Hahahhaha... But, based on my view, i give you 5 stars.. Its live and breath.
MaknaePikachu #8
Chapter 28: chapter by chapter, he's more romantic and cheesyyyy ;D
softjelly #9
thanks for the update!
133 streak #10
Chapter 31: Yes! Mr. Chopsticks, you are a conniving, calculating bastard but I love you and so does Cecile. Go for it!!
On a different note the author is correct while a lot of us may act like heartless jerks we really do want someone to comfort us and tell it will all be all right. I need a tissue or two.