Immortals [The Otherworld #1]

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One year ago, the alpha's sister risked her life to deliver a crucial message.  Her death brought a warning of the dangers they would face but no one, not even the vampire king, could anticipate the result of such news.  Knowing the Thunder Run pack had been betrayed brought about a power struggle not only amongst the Otherworld High Council but also within the pack itself.  While the alpha struggles to regain his position and restore the pack to its former glory, a more formidable threat comes for them all.  Enemies will become friends.  Friends will become enemies.

And a new addition to the pack may give them the high ground.



Song Hyesun


"I've grown familiar with villains that live in my head  They beg me to write them so I'll never die when I'm dead."


Byun Baekhyun


"It ain't about who's winning or losing.  It's about the path that you're choosing."


Fall Out Boy- Immortals
Halsey- Control
Bebe Rexha- I Got You
Katy Perry- Rise
EXO- Monster
Rihanna- Needed Me
BTS- Save Me
Mia Martina ft. Waka Flocka- Beast
NCT U- The 7th Sense
Red Velvet- Automatic
Ed Sheeran- Shape of You






I've had this idea for like two years but I never thought I'd be able to pull it off.  This is me putting myself out there and trying to do it.  I can't guarantee this story will be perfect but I do the best I can.

This story will be told from multiple POV's.

There are a few heteroual idolxidol pairings in this story and all of them are side characters.  I'd encourage you to check out the story but if it really bothers you, then I understand if it's not something you'd want to read.  No hard feelings :)

I also think I should mention that this story is inspired by a few supernatural works I've watched and read, namely Teen Wolf and Vampire Academy.  The mythology that I use for my supernatural creatures stem from actual Greek myths and I only adjust them as much as I need to for the plot.

If you have any comments or questions, you can find me on twitter and in the links provided if you want to talk while remaining anonymous.  You can also contact my lovely beta, Tri, who's the one keeping this story on the right track when I lose my head about it.

Thank you to get2herheart for making me such a kickass trailer!!! Go give her some love you guys!

Hope you all enjoy the story!


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The amazing poster featuring Yeri was made by venusdarling at EVE ✕ GRAPHICS ™


Edit: DO NOT read the comments if you're new the story or if you haven't read the latest chapter.  They contain spoilers


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1 points #1
Chapter 46: I LAUGHING MY A** OFF, THANK YOU VERY MUCH MIJOO. LOL damn it mother even i got the second hand embarassement omg nooo OMG NOOOO HAHAHAHAHAAHA Chanyeol dude stop trying to be so cool lol How Yeri going to live with Taeyong's handsomeness and people's reaction to him? (idc if this is grammatically wrong or nah)

true, baekhyun may turn into his Little Giant mode if he ever hear what Cordelia going to say lol is this like calm before the storm? GO YERI SHOW'EM WHO'S DA BOSS!!! I see some Taeyong brotherly act there urgh cute ♡♡♡

I prefer Yeri's POV too! Being with Cordelia's pov is like, we're always on edge with new info and all. But it's fine i luv both of them. Thank Reya for updating! You're on roll ;) I was super happy with last chapter even tho you said it was a filler one. cordelia's "if you think im going to make you breakfast everyday for the rest of our lives, then ou're out of your mind" still make me laugh till now. i typed a longa*s comment but accidently delete it (i want to riped my hair so much lol)

but yeah thank u dis chapter is funn ;)
SarangRae 1 points #2
Chapter 46: "Can we just bring out the cookies now and never speak of this again?" SAME AHAHHAhAHAHAHha but aaawwww my sweet Yeri yes enjoy homemade cookies and milk in a warm home environment with a mother figure and your soon to be brother ;___; <3

I snorted everytime Yeri noticed Chanyeol being obviously interested and failing to hide it. I think I like Yeri's POV a bit more than Cordelia's too.
1 points #3
Chapter 44: Oh my god, are you trying to tell me that Jiyeon's dad is her uncle from Madrid? It would make a lot of sense why Jongdae would've chosen her family to do the spying. If Jongdae even knew about her uncle and aunt, that is. So my question is, did Cordelia's uncle and aunt already appear? Because if yes, I might have an idea who the aunt in Cairo could be :3 but like always
33 streak 1 points #4
just off-topic/story comment.. that poster! oc is liza soberano.. that pretty girl... where was I when immortals came out? lol i think im reading way too many fics. but change isnt so bad. i hope to read this soon. oh and btw, those chapter titles lately are Exo songs.. is there anything you're trying to do dear or its just a random choice?
13 streak 1 points #5
Yes finally found a good fanfic even reading the forward makes me so excited.
Chisanai99 1 points #6
Chapter 45: Yes, the prayers has been heard! Thank you so much for adding JH&JM moments! You portrayed them perfectly <333
This chapter- awsome as always!
I am so happy for upcoming Yeri and Taeyeong moments :)
1 points #7
Chapter 45: Joohyun is such a sweet girl. I like the difference between her and cordelia haha..side story with the reaper and lady midnight! Omo, cant wait for it :)
SarangRae 1 points #8
Chapter 45: Okay but did you learn a new fact about penguins or something...? Why the argument thing hahahah

And omg Joohyun is such a sweetheart personally packing lunch for the boys and General Soojung aaawwww Soojung must feel really weird having a young Lycan packing her a lunchbox of all people but I hope she enjoys it :)
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Chapter 44: Chapter 44: I just finished reading the story and i want more haha but take your time. First, i thought cordelia is lamia becuase of the visions and so i get ahead thinking that it is a sefun fic too but then again there was no tag about him so yeah...Second, i also like how you made these girls (yeri and cordelia) a bit of selfish, i guess, in the sense that they want to gain power in order for them to grow and to protect other people. Lastly, i'm amaze on how you guys put all of my favorite books(percy jackson-in the sense of demigod and all that shizz-and harry potter-of course witchcraft in an intense way and when cordelia understands the snakes it reminds me of voldemort hehe)in this amazing story.

Is it just a coincidence that jiyeon is from spain and cordelia has a relative there? I think not.

Im sorry it was a long comment, i just want to spare you guys from seeing me in the comment section too much. You guys are aweome, the both of you, for bringing us a wonderful novel. Thank you for that. Now, im patiently waiting for your update. Fighting author-nims! :)
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Chapter 44: is it sort of coincidence that jiyeon's from spain and cordelia has a relative from her mother who currently live in madrid? i'll look for jiyeon's involvement in this ^^

props for you two guyssss! I legit read the Kyrios Story from last chapters more than 3 times. I can't imagine how you two did the overall background story (?) of this story. And special s/o for Tri who edit the whole story! I dunno, i envy you, you're english must be very good >.<

ps. about the things you ask from prev a/n about what we want you to write before the story escalated into more serious war thingy, is it possible to show us how taeyong and yeri interact as a sibling? Yeri has rough childhood with no proper 'love' from her brother so yeah ㅎㅎㅎ thank you btw ^^