Immortals [Editing]

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One year ago, the alpha's sister risked her life to deliver a crucial message.  Her death brought a warning of the dangers they would face but no one, not even the vampire king, could anticipate the result of such news.  Knowing the Thunder Run pack had been betrayed brought about a power struggle not only amongst the Otherworld High Council but also within the pack itself.  While the alpha struggles to regain his position and restore the pack to its former glory, a more formidable threat comes for them all.  Enemies will become friends.  Friends will become enemies.

And a new addition to the pack may give them the high ground.



Song Hyesun


"I've grown familiar with villains that live in my head  They beg me to write them so I'll never die when I'm dead."


Byun Baekhyun


"It ain't about who's winning or losing.  It's about the path that you're choosing."


Fall Out Boy- Immortals
Halsey- Control
Bebe Rexha- I Got You
Katy Perry- Rise
EXO- Monster
Rihanna- Needed Me
BTS- Save Me
Mia Martina ft. Waka Flocka- Beast
NCT U- The 7th Sense
Red Velvet- Automatic
Ed Sheeran- Shape of You






I've had this idea for like two years but I never thought I'd be able to pull it off.  This is me putting myself out there and trying to do it.  I can't guarantee this story will be perfect but I do the best I can.

This story will be told from multiple POV's.

There are a few heteroual idolxidol pairings in this story and all of them are side characters.  I'd encourage you to check out the story but if it really bothers you, then I understand if it's not something you'd want to read.  No hard feelings :)

I also think I should mention that this story is inspired by a few supernatural works I've experienced, namely Teen Wolf and Vampire Academy.  The mythology that I use for my supernatural creatures stem from actual Greek myths and I only adjust them as much as I need to for the plot.

If you have any comments or questions, you can find me on twitter and in the links provided.  You can also contact my lovely beta, Tri, who's the one keeping this story on the right track when I lose my head about it, with her twitter and

Thank you to get2herheart for making me such a kickass trailer!!! Go give her some love guys!

Hope you guys enjoy the story!


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Edit: DO NOT read the comments if you're new the story or if you haven't read the latest chapter.  They contain spoilers


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isaisy 1 points #1
Chapter 28: Holy . What the hell happened? What exactly The Labryinth is? What's Yubin real intention? She's been off lately (hmm... not really, more like 4/5 chapter before) she's keeping something from her right? I think i've read a jihyo somewhere, lemme read back the chapters... God forbid (god im taking this way too serious i just can not forgive me), or maybe she's member of the coven thingy the one where Issandra in? Good luck (tons of it) for you guys! ^^9
jesyra #2
Chapter 28: Oh my. This is so breath-taking. And the pull of emotions. Wow. Thank you. I loved it. Oh Yubin, what now? :( I knew there was something she was keeping from Hyesun and I'm excited to find out what will happen next.
PrettyCupcake #3
OMg, hyesun is so prettyy???
isaisy #4
Chapter 27: Hei! I was out of aff for almost 3 weeks, so missed out a lot of my subscribed on-going story, but thank God i only missed one chapter of this ;) Damn boy, this story become even more interesting. Poor Sooyoung >.< Greed is the biggest enemy of we all, mortal or immortal one. First I thought, Hyesun is the descendant of Lamia or smth but Lamia is alive (at least her soul, like Voldemort?) DAMNNNN GURLLLLL I SUDDENLY EXCITED FOR NO REASON WTH im so weird. And yeah, so im going to be an abstain reader who will guess for any theory later because this is too good and i want to enjoy the writing then think about the future possibility later ;) Thanks for updating, guys!! Really, this story beyond my expectation! The whole things are so realllll >.<
meinri 1 points #5
Chapter 27: So basically Sooyoung is still alive or something? And was Lamia the one who caused the destruction before?
SarangRae 1 points #6
Chapter 27: Well that's a pleasant sight for the first thing when you wake up.......
jesyra 1 points #7
Chapter 27: Oh my gosh. And I was wondering if Sooyoung was part of the witches' spell to bring back Lamia, and there was no way her body would have been taken by the vampires if not for that. What a surprise. When the chapter's title was The Lost Queen, I'm sure there was a bomb about to explode. Like, we already know much off her background, so I was hoping she'd finally be making her appearance.

Ahhh~ I'm so ecstatic. So much revelation in this chapter. Does Sehun know? He'd be able to get help if he does know?
KaraTeentop 1 points #8
Chapter 27: Bruhhhh you can't just end it on a cliffhanger like that!!!