"I'll Make You Feel Good..."

Mr. Feel Good

You aren't at all prepared when it happens.

All you had been doing was attempting to go to bed, sick and tired of waiting for your boyfriend, Cho Kyuhyun, to come back home from his busy schedule.

It is your anniversary, and you had made food for the two of you to enjoy together, and even thrown rose petals throughout the entire bedroom, and made a trail of them coming from the entrance of the apartment leading towards your shared bedroom.

However, you had waited a whole hour, and still Kyuhyun had not come back home. This, you understand; Kyuhyun is a busy person, after all, with Super Junior and the various other sub units he is a part of.

Still, sleep is pulling at the recesses of your mind, until finally give in and your eyes flutter closed.

A few minutes later, as you toss and turn in bed, a frown on your lips, you first feel it.

A hand, on your ankle; the one you had just tossed over the comforter, trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in. The hand then travels up your leg sensually slow, reaching your knee and skimming slowly and softly underneath your kneecap, cupping you ever-so-gently there. Your leg is then lifted and moved along to the side, moving your whole body until your back is fully against the bed.

Dazed and sleepy, your eyes blink open, but all you can see is the hazy outline of a man, hovering above you.

"Kyu?" you ask, yawning, covering your mouth as you do so.

"Yeah," he whispers in response, tone apologetic. "Sorry for coming so late, especially on our anniversary. It's just that —"

"— you had a busy schedule," you finish for him. "I know, Kyu-ah. It's fine with me; after all, it's your job and what you love to do. I won't try and get in the way of that."

"Thank you," he whispers once more, and his lips are ghosting over the shell of your ear, making you shiver. "But let me make it up to you, okay? I promise I'll make you feel good…"

By now, your vision is clear, and you can see everything properly. Kyuhyun, your boyfriend, is now leaning back until you can see all of his face. He is hovering above you; one hand holding him up, right next to your face, on your pillow, and the other still holding your leg to the side, his hip pressed almost sensually against your thigh.

Though you really want it, really want him, you shake your head and say, "It's alright, Kyu. You don't have to. Plus, I'm pretty sleepy right now, and you must be dead tired. Just sleep with me, okay?" You attempt to pry your leg away from Kyuhyun; however, surprisingly, his grip tightens.

"I am trying to sleep with you, so if you'd just co-operate —" Kyuhyun breaks off suddenly, yanking your leg down and pinning it to the mattress with his hand, his other hand pinning your other leg down as well. His lips slant over yours before you can even comprehend what is happening, and when your brain finally catches up, you realize you don't care that Kyuhyun is kissing you, and that his hardening is pressing so sinfully against your opening.

But you do care, just not in a negative sense. Gone is sleep from your mind; now all you want to do is kiss him back, and finally make love to him, like you had intended to do beforehand.

With this in mind, you wrap your arms around his neck and tilt your head up to put more force into the kiss, your fingers delving into his soft, brown locks of hair, mussing them up greatly.

By now, the two of you are too lost into one another at this point to think of anything else.

"I missed you," he gasps out as you pull away from his lips, beginning of kiss the corner of his mouth and continue kissing south, your mouth then enveloping on his Adam's apple; ling on it until he lets out a and then pulling away and continuing to kiss downwards. You want to kiss every inch of him; get every nook and cranny, but you aren't patient enough to do that right now. You wish to skip all of the and just have him bury himself in you.

"I missed you too; so much," you whisper back, grinding harshly against the bulge in Kyuhyun's jeans, smirking faintly when you hear him out in pleasure. You love this control over him — just like how Kyuhyun loves his control over you.

He narrows his eyes at you when he sees you smirking, frowning. "Too can play at that game," he growls, and then he is rolling his hips, his bulge pressing, caressing almost, against you, and you let out a pleasured gasp, your eyes almost rolling to the back of your head.

As he ghosts his lips up the column of your neck, you can feel his smirk, your lips tugging down at this. You don't like being teased, especially by Kyuhyun, especially in bed.

"Yah, hurry up," you bark, tugging on the locks of his hair as he continues to ghost his lips across your neck, softly kissing here and there. You are getting impatient, and Kyuhyun know this, and you know that Kyuhyun knows this.

He hisses when you pull on his hair, lifting up his head to glare at you, though you only give him a sarcastic smile back. If he continues to piss you off, then you will continue to piss him off — an eye for an eye, you could say.

"This isn't helping your case at all; this is only making me go slower," Kyuhyun tells you, grinding against you like you had done before, thus making you bit your lip so you wouldn't cry out. "Much, much slower."

"Kyu," you whine, but he only chuckles against your neck before nipping the skin on your jaw; the tiny nips uncomfortable, but wholly welcomed by you. You tilt your head to expose more of your jaw, but he has already moved on, his lips toying with the skin on your left cheek, taking tiny nips until he is at the corner of your lips. He bites more harshly there, making your back arch and a gasp leave your lips.

Quickly, before you can comprehend it, his tongue is in your mouth, exploring it fully, like he always does. Nothing inside your mouth escapes his tongue; he possessively coats your teeth, the roof of your mouth, your tongue, underneath your tongue — everything in his saliva. But you don't mind.

Instead, your arms wrap around his neck, and you press his body closer to yours, wanting more contact. Your tongue dances with his sinfully, and your head grows light-headed; fuzzy. You don't want this feeling to stop. You don't want this night to end. But you know that it will, and then, when you wake up tomorrow, he'll be gone, like a distant memory.

So you try to enjoy this moment as best as possible, experimentally rolling your hips against his bulge, making him into the recesses of your mouth. This makes you feel like the one in control, just for that one moment.

And only for that one moment, for soon enough, Kyuhyun is the dominant one, pressing a hand that had once been against restraining your leg against your hip to stop you from grinding against him, his tongue now dominating yours as well. His other hand begins to pinch your through the thin fabric of your shirt, making your neck arch for arching your back has been made impossible now. And then his fingers are grasping the hem of your shirt, pushing it up and over your head. You lift up your arms momentarily to help him take off your night shirt, and then they are back around his neck.

His knees are then keeping your legs in place, making you bite his lip from how painfully his knees there dig into you. Freaking bony maknae.

Kyuhyun seems to realize this, but instead smirks against your mouth, continuing to pinch your before his fingers cup your , his palm smoothening over your now, and he s your gently. So gently that you find yourself groaning in impatience; you don't want him to go soft on you. You want him to pound into you without any restrain, dig his nails into you and leave his mark on your body, have his way with you — make you his, not coax you into it.

Still, you squash the urge to tell this to him, and instead try your best to enjoy Kyuhyun's ministrations. You begin moving your body in tune to his, as if the two of you are one, instead of separate entities.

Soon, his lips leave yours, and he crawls down, taking down the straps of your dress — the one you knows he likes, because he thinks you look y in it — at the same time, until your s bounce out of the confines of your dress, the cold air making your s even more erect.

You watched through half-lidded eyes as his eyes devour your s, and this makes you even wetter.

Gosh; if him just staring at them could make you wet, then how would him engulfing them with his mouth make you feel? The thought made your toes curl, and you your chest higher, s bouncing once more.

He chuckles softly at this, but actually obeys the demand and leans down, engulfing a and rolling it around with his skillful tongue.

Your eyes close as he does this, and your legs eventually wrap around his waist, keeping him place lest he try to tease you further by pulling away, your fingers intertwining in his hair, hoping that this too would keep him in place, though you knew that if he wished to pull away, no matter how he managed to pull himself away from your s, he would eventually do so.

Bastard, you couldn't help but think to yourself, but this didn't stop you from smiling softly down at him. You loved him and his evilness, no matter how angry or annoyed you may be by him, you knew; why else would you continue to be his girlfriend and put up with his constant, pushy, unexpected schedules?

His other hand is then on your other , fingers splayed out while the thumb is on your areola, and he begins to move his thumb in circular motions, eliciting tiny shocks to move through your body from your , straight to the place where you wanted his touch the most; the place where you wanted his to be shoved inside and bring your release, as well as his. However, you didn't say anything about this want of yours; you know if you did, the he will probably only smirk at you and make the whole process even slower than it already is.

So you decide to attempt and enjoy what he is giving you now, gasps leaving your mouth every time he pinches your with his thumb and forefinger, only to go back to swirling his thumb. Every time his tongue on your would be replaced by teeth, and he began teething you only to revert back to stroking your gently with his tongue. His smile wasn't difficult to feel against your ; he was enjoying making you so wet, so ready for him. You weren't sure if you were, though. You just want all of these formalities to be sped up so the two of you could just have , be fulfilled, and then sleep blissfully with one another until the morning, when all of this love-making and affection will be all gone, for he will have already left for work.

"I love you," you tell him, not wanting to prolong saying it. It is something that isn't said between the two of you often; something that is sometimes uttered jokingly, but not with the right type of emotion, the right type of meaning put behind it. In fact, you can't remember the last time the two of you said those three words to one another seriously.

He pauses for a second, as if stunned, and then his mouth has left your and is pushing against yours. Your arms clench around his shoulders even more tightly, and with every peck, you whisper, "I love you...I love you...I love you..."

And you know that this is something that he cherishes. Something that excites him and motivates him and makes him strive to do better on stage, on shows, on wherever he might be. This only continues to make your bond continue to become stronger, no matter where he might be in the world.

"I love you too," he chokes out finally, and then his lips are on the corner of your mouth, on your jaw, going down your neck. His teeth lightly scrape against one of your collarbones, making you inhale quickly through your nose, before he begins continuing his kisses down your body. He grazes quickly past your , his other hand still pleasuring your other . You giggle when he begins kissing down your stomach, which makes him smile against your skin, and then you begin ing when the kisses reach the hem of your cotton short shorts, the ones you like to sleep with, knowing what is now to happen.

And, surprisingly, Kyuhyun doesn't try to prolong it.

Perhaps it was from those three words you uttered, or perhaps it was from the fact that he is secretly just as impatient himself, but either way, he begins to tug down your shorts, hooking his fingers into your as well just to save some time. As he begins to shimmy the garments down, you lift up your lower body, making sure to keep just a wee bit away from his face, his mouth; because you like teasing him just as much as he likes teasing you.

You smile when he lets out a laugh, and then when his tongue is suddenly playing with your exposed . You bring one hand up and bite on the flesh as gently as possible, so as to not break the skin, squeezing your eyes closed. Kyuhyun, however, doesn't at all seem to like the fact that you stopped yourself from making noise. His tongue suddenly leaving your , he reaches up and pins your arms on your sides, and then goes back to flicking his tongue against your , further spreading his saliva and your juices, making your back arch off the bed, a leaving your open mouth.

You pant as Kyuhyun's tongue trails down your slit, and then finally reaches your , his tongue furiously flicking back and forth. You slam your head back against your pillow once he finally begins to try and ease his tongue inside of you, your thighs trembling from the pleasure and tiny pinpricks of shock coursing from your lower regions to the rest of your body.

“Kyu…faster,” you manage to gasp, and then you feel your eyes roll back when he begins to ease his tongue in and out of you, tongue-ing you until you find yourself ing against his mouth wantonly, not even trying to hold back — you didn’t care about anything except Kyuhyun, his tongue, and what it was doing to your body.

And so, it wasn’t any surprise that you managed to come easily into his mouth, gasping and ing random obscenities, not even sure what you were saying. As you came down from your high, you just barely felt Kyuhyun’s tongue flicking quickly against you still, slurping all of the juices that continuously leaked out of you.

“Kyu — please, get inside me already,” you beg, making Kyuhyun chuckle against you. Still, he finally pulls away, takes his hands off of your wrists, and crawls up your body. One hand holding him above you now, his other grasps his stiff and gently presses his head against your , making you bit your lip in anticipating, your eyes locked with his.

However, you can’t help but close your eyes, hissing, as he begins to ease himself into you — much like how he had done with his tongue, except for the fact that his is much larger than his tongue. Larger and stiffer — and pulsing with need to stretch your walls to very much accommodate itself inside.

Your hands fist the bed sheets as Kyuhyun pushes himself even further inside, stretching you even more than you thought was possible. His hand lets go of his , and he begins to vigorously rub your , sending more spikes of pleasure through you, making you forget the slight pain and discomfort being penetrated still brings you.

“,” Kyuhyun hisses. “How the hell are you still so tight?”

You weakly slap his bicep, only to curl your fingers around it to steady yourself once Kyuhyun is fully inside, his balls slapping gently against your thigh, a weak escaping your parted lips, which Kyuhyun eagerly claims for his with his lips, inserting his tongue inside. And then he is moving inside you, of you; his tongue parodies his s easily, making you smile against his lips in slight amusement. Only to gasp once you feel his , for a brief moment, hit your G-spot.

Realizing that he had done so, Kyuhyun angles himself and begins to repeatedly in and out of you, hitting your G-spot every time, his tongue still parodying his s. He is ing not only your , but your mouth now — you place your leg over his shoulder and open your mouth wider to help him, your hands intertwining once more into his dark locks, twisting some of them under your harsh grip and tugging just enough to hurt, knowing that he likes it when you do this.

You are now matching his s as his s your , and even moving your head back and forth — parodying s — against his lips as his tongue s your mouth. You swallow each and every gasp and that leaves his mouth, panting more and more as you both are brought closer to your own releases.

“Ugh…so tight…so hot…just for me…” Kyuhyun gasps, unable to his tongue into you anymore, though you don’t mind it too much, unable to focus on anything else but the building pressure you feel inside your stomach, and the clenching and unclenching of your walls around Kyuhyun’s , that continues to slam in and out of you, his balls slapping against your thigh harder and harder still.

Finally, when the two of you, almost in unison, come to your climaxes with each other’s names on your lips, sleep gets to you.

Kyuhyun carefully extracts his from inside you and settles next to you, pulling your body close to him and grasping the bed sheet and pulling it over both of your sweaty bodies. You snuggle into Kyuhyun’s warmth, even though you feel burning hot, wrapping your arms around his waist and pressing your nose into the place where his neck meets his shoulder, faintly hearing his rapid heartbeat slowing down, much like how yours is.

“Goodnight, Kyuhyun,” you whisper.

“Goodnight,” Kyuhyun mumbles back.

Author's Note

Gosh that was horrible. I am really rusty, it seems. Perhaps I'll write more ty one-shots just to get more used to writing again. Any ideas as to who the main guy should be? If so, let me know with a wall post, comment on this story, or however else you'd like to tell me. Messenger owl is fine too, though you guys probably don't know where I live, and I certainly won't be letting you know where any time soon unless I know you very well. So perhaps just stick to commenting or wall posting, I suppose.

Anyway, hopefully you guys sort of liked? I know it's not as good as it could've been, but I'll definitely work on my skills writing and hopefully improve greatly.

Thanks for reading!


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