Hate You, Kwon Jiyong



Work was hell.  My life was hell.  All because of one man and his stupid ego.  

That arrogant man needs a wakeup call- who better to give gim one than me?  So you enjoy toying with women, only to thow them away as soon as you're done playing?  Can't two people play at that game, Jiyong?

I will make you want me,  I will make you say my name in desire... yet you will never have me.  I will have you know how it feels to have someone jerk your emotions around for pure enjoyment.  I will make you pay for what you did.  I won't do this in silence either... everyone will see.   Everyone will watch.


Everyone will watch the man they revered as King ripped from his throne by a lowely slave.







Dara, a quiet, wallflower girl, works at Dragon Corporation, run by the notorious young millionaire Kwon Jiyong.  She was never known as a beauty queen, preferring to stay on the sidelines and watch from afar.  Doing so has had a price however; she has become antisocial and shy, often made fun of for the way she looks.  Jiyong though, has no such reservations.  He dressed to impress, winking seductively at every attractive woman he passes by.  Sandara dislikes him on principle alone; at least she did before he decided to take it too far.  Their story takes a huge turn when the Dragon Corporation is hired by the Yamaguchi-gumi sect of the Yakuza, the infamous Japanese crime syndicate; forcing the two into an... uncomfortable situation.  


GD X Sandara Park


Note:  G-Dragon may be put in a bad light at the beginning (violent, player, rude) but I promise to bring out the good in him!  Fanfic is Daragon pairing, not Seungri x Dara  (Though contains many Seungri x Dara scenes)


Rated [M] for violence, ual themes and strong language



This is my first  DaraGon fanfic; I had started another with Yang Yoseob and Yong Junhyung which is also a work in progress.  I just felt such a... pull towards this pairing- I feel like they have so much chemistry!  







Sandara Park

Personality:  Shy, Quiet, Cheerful.  Never one for fashion, she often gets critisized for her bad style of dress.  She has been working at Dragon corporation for two years now, under the not-so watchul eye of Kwon Jiyong.  Under her unflattering sense of style however; is a beautiful, adorable girl who only wants to feel accepted.


Kwon Jiyong

Personality:  Player, Lecherous, Egotistic, Charismatic

CEO of Dragon Corporation

Flirtatious and rude, Jiyong is the number one player in hte business world.  Flashing his million dollar smile, both clients and ladies are drawn to him like flies to honey.  His favorite thing in the world is himself, nobody is more important than that.  



Big Bang: 

Lee Seungri

Personality:  Happy, Cheerful, Cute, Trusting, Mischeivous

Friend of Kwon Jiyong.  Having known each other for years, the two are practically brothers; though often get into fights.  He has a special place in his heart for the quirky little Sandara Park, having met her recently.  He doesn't agree with Jiyong on many fronts; the most obvious being women.  He believes they should be loved, appreciated and cared for- versus Jiyong's mantra of using them for their bodies.


Choi Seunghyun (AKA TOP)

A good friend of Jiyong's, Seunghyun works under hire along with the 2NE1 crew.  He performs various, mostly underground or illicit duties for the company, and can be trusted with his life.  An expert in a life of crime, Seunghyun is usually the leader of attacks against rival companies or gangs- and always comes out on top.  As with CL, he intends to protect his identity.  In crime circles, he is known simply as TOP.


Dong Youngbae (AKA Taeyang)

A friend of Jiyong's who works under Seunghyun in the companie's illicit activities.  He is not as close to the boss as Seunghyun or Seungri, and prefers it that way.  He is always around his best friend, Kang Daesung, the two make the perfect dynamic duo.  In crime syndicates, he is called "Taeyang"


Kang Daesung

Friendly to Jiyong, Daesung is also under hire- along with his best friend Taeyang.  He is known as the "smiling" member of the group, always trying to cheer them up for no apparent reason.  He is the most experienced medic on the team, many of them would surely have died if not for his expertise.  





Chaerin Lee (AKA CL)

Part of an all female team, Chaerin is the leader of the infamous 2NE1 crew.  Hired by Kwon Jiyong to guard the company's safe-house, CL is a ruthless and precise killer.  Her speciality is knives, she always keeps a long silver blade in her boot.  Not many know the blonde's real name, in most crime circles she is known simply as CL, the silent woman assasin.

Park Bom

A member of 2NE1 crew.  She is an expert markswoman, an cold-blooded on the battlefield.  In real life however, she is the kindest of the crew, taking care of the other members like an older sister.  Jiyong's friend Seunghyun has a special place for her in his heart, but she has denied him many times.  At the moment, her life is simply too dangerous for love.

Gong Minji (AKA Minzy)

The youngest member of 2ne1 crew, she is also the fastest.  She has a harder time killing than the other two girls so, as she has had less experience, but is this quickest one to draw her weapon.  She is the most acrobatic and flexible of the three, making her the perfect candidate for espionage.



The Enemies:



Leader of the Yamaguchi-gumi, the largest Yakuza organization in Japan.  He brings in billions of dollars US from gambling, extortion, the industry, guns, drugs and real estate.  A client of Dragon corporation, he is in incredibly dangerous man who will do anything to get what he wants.  Yamaguchi is known for having many women at his disposal, notoriously finding ways to "dispose" of those he is no longer fond of.  He has taken a special liking for Sandara, who he thinks would make an indisposable addition to his harem of owned women.




Choi Siwon

Leader of the Choi crime family, he is suave and polite.  Unlike Yamaguchi; who prefers to use business and exortion to make his money- the Choi family operates mostly under violent crimes.  Theft, kidnapping, and blackmail are their specialties.  With over a hundred men in his emply, Siwon is a force to be reckoned with, taking the underbelly of the world by storm with his careful planning and ruthless gangsters.  Unlike the previous leader of the family, his father, Siwon is handsome and charismatic- and incredibly polite.  He never insults his enemies or his friends, and is well liked and firecely protected by his men- while they may be criminals, he treats them like family.  

Park Jiyeon (renamed Choi Jiyeon)

Member of the Choi crime family, known for her cute and innocent image.


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