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"The Lee family was very wealthy. They owned all the big businesses in South-Korea, but hidden from the 'normal society' was something much darker and much more sinister.
A large, luxurious hotel in the slums of Seoul had a very dark secret. Every evening, people from all over Korea visited the stripclub that hid the true identity of the place, but only people who engaged in dark jobs themselves, knew how to get access to this hotel.
A secret password only the most evil people knew granted them access to an illegal business of slavery.
This business was run by the siblings Sungyeol and Bora, where Sungyeol took care of the slave business and Bora made sure the stripclub had enough clients.
This secret society is meant to stay hidden, or the consequences for everyone that ever engaged in this may be severe..."


1. Subscribe and upvote if possible.
2. This is an au roleplay, your character is not an idol.
3. This is a closed roleplay, do not add outsiders.
4. This is a literate roleplay, please do not use emoticons in your replies. You can use them ooc. 
5. Be active at least three times a week. Inform the admins if you need a hiatus.
6. Double accounts are allowed after a month of activity, please ask admins for approval first.
7. No facechasing. respect and talk to everyone. pw is the admin you think has the biggest .
8. No (m)preg or children.
9. Serious, violent plots are allowed and encouraged. make sure both roleplayers are okay with it first. no godmodding.
10. We use a money system, make sure to read all documents upon joining.


how to join

1. Subscribe and upvote if possible.
2. Check the masterlist to find out who is available. (note: we do not accept underage idols)
3. Apply.
4. Wait for an admin to accept you.
5. Create your account and add the admins.
6. Change your alternate name to Triple x m or triple x s.
7. Wait until admins announce you before adding anyone.
8. Have fun!

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