Reading your lips


 YongGuk is shy yet very mild and wise. Eunji is cute, always joyful.

Additionally, YongGuk  is living in the shadow of his perfect twin and Eunji is hard of hearing.

The not-as-simple teenage love story.


Hey I'm back with a new story. I guess I'm addicted to writing now.

Enjoy this lovely story between YongGuk and Eunji !


Before I have some explanation to do.

Here I identify Eunji as "hard of hearing" because she still have some audition making her able to wear a hearing aids. She's not deaf yet without this hearing aids she doesn't quite hear anything. She can speak sign language and can talk because she became hard of hearing when she was eight.

However, despite my researches on the subject, if I do mistakes about this condition, feel free to tell me.

I hope that it's not too confusing for you !




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jmayo81 #1
Chapter 28: Awwwwww, they got engaged!!! ^_^ that was the sweetest proposal, they're so well matched & adorable. And when she surprised him w/ the lingerie, I was giggling. Plus their cute antics the next morning, but the dinner.... I should've known that father would do something horrible !! Good job for Yongguk, he stood up for her, that must make her parents very happy & proud that he's by her side. Awesome chapters thank you for updating!
Maribella #2
Chapter 27: Yea!!
baby_hana #3
Chapter 27: Finalllyyyyy they engaged!!! I'm happyyy \^.^/
Who knew these two no so innocent people *smirk*
I think I knew what Yongguk think *blushed*
Thank you for updating and see you next chapter ^^
jmayo81 #4
Chapter 26: Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!! He's going to do it!! I think from that moment on, I couldn't stop smiling. I'm so happy she changed & knocked his socks off, but I'm more excited for the sweet proposal. Thank you for updating & can't wait for more!
JiJaeYong #5
Chapter 26: Happy new year
jmayo81 #6
Chapter 25: I'm SO proud of Yongguk for speaking to his father, and it appears that's what his dad wanted as well. He was able to get that time off, I was so happy for both of them, my heart broke about her in the tub, zinvouldnt imsgunenhiw that must've felt. But what a sweet way to have their 1st day together. Can't wait to see how their next 2wks pans out! Thank you for updating, can't wait for more!
baby_hana #7
Chapter 25: Ahh finally update from you =)
Finally Yongguk spoke to his father…thankfully his father agreed if not I'll truly hate his father…
They already discussed about the future ><
Thank you for updating. See you for the next chapter ^^
jmayo81 #8
Oooh I was holding my breath, for a second I thought she was braking up with him! Thank goodness, he was persistent &a loving enough to see through it. It's gotta be hard for both of them, but her dad has got to be on cloud 9 having someone like Yongguk in her life. They're really too adorable for words!! Hahaha, he was cracking me up w/ trying to have some "fun" times w/ her since it's been so long! Loved the chapter & can't wait for more ^_^ Thanks for updating!
Maribella #9
Chapter 24: Finally!!!
Thanks for super sweet fluff moments of them...
Siskatiska #10
Chapter 24: Nice sweet chapter