Sincerely, Chanyeol

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Baekhyun can't help but fall for his Personal Reminding Service.





Title: Sincerely, Chanyeol

Pairing(s): Chanbaek

Rating: G

Word count: 2.4k


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Iyesss #1
Chapter 2: Waaaa excitedly waiting! They're so flufffy here I love ma babies ~~~
happyabc #2
Chapter 2: Wouldn't it be nice to receive such thoughtful gifts and messages from a handsome secret admirer that you knew (so it's not scary)! Chanyeol seems like the sweet type who would do things like this, it's just soooo kawaii! :)
Notoursolarsystem66 #3
Chapter 2: Awwwwwh cute
Chapter 1: I had fun reading. Thank you~~~~
Sesooandchen #5
Aaaaaaaw this is so cute I need more!!! Also well done on making chanyeol not seem creepy XD
Chapter 2: *cheering HARD* Can't wait!!!!
Chapter 1: This is so sweet! I like the notes bit.
sillypuppy #8
so cute and sweet >//< i can' t stop smiling >//<
Chapter 1: Omg, this is so cute! I remember reading this back when I didn't know how to comment on AFF ^0^ You're such a great writer, and I hope I will be as good as you someday :)
I loved it, really. I want to give you a big hug authornim~
Picturing Chanyeol as a secret admirer is so sweet <3