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Yoona the maniac and playgirl


Yoona who can get whatever from any guy. However, all she wants is....yeah thats right , , and more


(I love snsd!!! i just thought it would interesting to use one of the members in my story.)


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hhnngg #1
update... please?

and if it's not too much to ask, please make this fic private...?
i'm sure someone will eventually report this once you update...
stupidblue #2
Chapter 6: would you update this fanfic soon? :(
Janazzle #3
Chapter 1: TaecYoon pleaseeeee
zzxiangreader #4
Chapter 5: Taecyoon pls
Slayor8 #5
Please update! This is very good story!
_nanachan_ #6
Chapter 7: hei...update again pleaseee..this is a hot story..