Wished For A Boyfriend, Stuck With A Gangster Completed!

by luxicity (members-only)
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Wished For A Boyfriend, Stuck With A Gangster - main story image


You, L.Joe (Teen Top), Myungsoo/L (Infinite), other Teen Top and Infinite members


You've always wished to meet a guy who fits as your ideal man, a.k.a boyfriend. Until one da...

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somesaylove with my first ...

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eriskaf () says about chapter 8:
Dumpster kkkk~~

trixchia () says about chapter 8:
dumpster..., LOL

TinyTina () says about chapter 8:
Lol I cracked up so bad at "You're a dumpster?" xD Haha your story is so cute!! ^-^

joonmyun_SUHO () says about chapter 23:
This story is daebak XD

ilurvemyoppas () says about chapter 22:
kyaa !! i love this story >.< .. oh my l.joe <3 . you are so sweet ~~

YunaJi () says about chapter 5:
I like to read your sisters ljoe fics but it is no longer exist i alreday read all the ljoe fics thats why its hard for me to find one :(

NIA_0830 () says about chapter 23:
good job author nim i love it <3

IGotKibum () says about chapter 22:
Good job author-nim *two thumbs up*

ljoe2320 () says about chapter 22:
omg what a lovely fanfic. good job, authornim : ) *thumbs up*

Hy0_Ri () says about chapter 22:
l0ve y0ur st0ry auth0rnim. mian i dint intro my self after add y0u. hehe y0ur cant blame me when y0ur st0ry title attract me hehe and i feel s0 eager t0 kn0w y0ur st0ry. s0 d0nt get mad auth0rnim bbuing bbuing *ask ricky to make agye0* hehe L0l <3<3

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