He Wolf.

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I'm falling to pieces.




inspired by david guetta's song ft sia and mostly by abingdon boys school's song and krisho wolfau fics. 

im sooo into wolfaus so i decided to make one by myself and give it a try.

blame my brain for thinking nonstop of ideas.

im writing this for my love towards krisho and to let the krisho ideas straight out of my head so this is unbeta-ed.

any similarities from other stories are coincident! 

unperfect english.

some grammar mistakes.

rated m chapters will be marked.

if you do not like the sound of it, please do not read.








Junmyeon runs. He runs and runs without looking back. He runs from his destroyed house. He runs into the forest. He keeps on running, not caring that his feet is bare. He doesn’t know what will meet him later in the forest. He doesn’t know what he will do alone in the forest. They have just killed two most precious and beloved people in his life. They have just killed his parents.


Their last words to Junmyeon before being killed was 'Run'. So he keeps on running, not even caring that his legs are giving out, or even the day is turning a shade darker. He runs and runs. He’s tired. He’s sad. He’s confused. He’s enraged. He’s scared. He’s broken. He’s falling, but he can’t fall. Not right now. They are chasing him. They are chasing him from behind. He speeds up. He runs faster.




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lkp365 #1
34 streak #2
Chapter 31: ahhh... you're industrious to edit all the chapters of a completed story!!!
congratulations! and thank you for your hardwork! :)
Itschanika #3
Omg Authornim why are you deleting chapters?
I wanted read this story once again T.T
Noella_ThyKpop #4
Chapter 31: Wow~ just wow. Amazingly beautiful like omgg. :') THIS IS SOOOO GOOD LIKE THE BEST KRISHO WOLF FANFIC IVE READ SO FAR!!! Its. So. Beautiful!! T^T I was really happy when I found out Suho can have pups again!! And ughh just perfect. Tips my hat off too you :)
Lolypop123 31 streak #5
Chapter 31: Beautifull wolf fic,the angst nearly make me cry.but overall love it =)
Chapter 31: I was emotional the whole time I was reading this x'D I really enjoyed it :') <3
Ugh my feelss
teufelchen_netty #7
Chapter 31: the end was perfect for the ff. very good =)
Chapter 31: I love this story so much!! One of the best of Krisho's story.. Pls write more, author-nim :)
61CY04BH94SH #9
Chapter 31: Finally done after two days XDD really like this story.i like your writting style.it make me couldnt stop reading.