He Wolf.
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 “I’m really sorry though.”




“Not gonna accept my apology?”


“Thank you.”




“I mean, thank you for saving me from the hunters.”




“Not going to accept my gratitude?”


“Very funny,” Yifan states sarcastically, totally not amused. “Was not being funny.” He glances at the pale male who’s actually looking quite serious. “Don’t care.” He misses Junmyeon’s look of disbelief on his face. “Arrogant.” He chuckles when he hears the short guy mutters. “Heard you, shorty.” He then hears a gasp and turns his head towards the shorty’ who’s looking quite pissed. Yifan is enjoying this already.


“Don’t call me that,” Junmyeon glares at him with all his might, only to have the male letting out a chortle. “What’s so funny?” He fumes. “You.” Junmyeon is totally so done with him, “You think calling people shorty is funny? Well, take a look at yourself, you tall giant. I came here to thank you and this is how you treat me?” Yifan is quite surprised by the way the male curses at him, which makes him want to rage him more, “Didn’t tell you to thank me. You’re not being sincere here, shorty.”


Yifan smirks when the male’s face has turned into flush red. “No wonder you left the house. You know that you’re really an annoying person,” Junmyeon leaves the carbonated can as he forgets to throw at the small dustbin beside the sink since he’s so angry right now. Yifan shrugs his shoulders when Junmyeon turns to look at him, “I saved you thou.” Junmyeon lets out a frustrated groan and turns to his front to get out from the kitchen, only to get bumped with a person with the same height as him.


It’s Jongdae. “Woah, you okay, pretty?” Junmyeon slips out a whimper when Jongdae grabs his thin wrists gently, checking his face. It catches Yifan’s attention. “I-I’m okay,” He tries to grasp out his wrists from Jongdae’s hold. “Relax. I’m not going to do anything to you. Did you in any case fight with him?” Jongdae places his right palm on Junmyeon’s left jaw, lifting up his face gently. It’s really a caring gesture, and Junmyeon can’t help but to nod.


“Don’t worry ‘bout him. He’s always like that.”


Yifan hisses at this. Jongdae smirks inwardly, “You better stay away from him so that he doesn’t make you upset, okay?” Junmyeon absently nods, both of his jaws under Jongdae’s hold now. He suddenly becomes self-conscious and moves a step backwards from the beta. Junmyeon gulps. Jongdae almost kissed him. “Sorry. You’re so pretty until I can’t hold back myself.” Junmyeon’s cheeks flushes out of control and flushes even more when Jongdae coos at him while ruffling his messy black hair.


He walks passed the male, wanting to be alone already. “I thought Minseok told you to stay away from him,” Yifan is still sitting there beside the small table, shaking the little bit of liquid mindlessly in the can where Junmyeon has left it as he keeps his gaze on Jongdae who’s walking towards him. “I couldn’t resist, alpha. How can you not?” He pauses and acts like he just remembers something, “Oh I forgot. You can control yourself. But Jongin and I can’t. We’re not like you.”


Jongdae growls, provoking the sitting male. “Shorties aren’t my type.” Jongdae rolls his eyes at this, arms crossed on his chest sassily, “You still want Chanyeol? After all these years? He might even settled down with his human, Kris.” Yifan stands up from his seat in an instant. He grabs Jongdae’s collar before glaring at him, wanting the beta wolf to cut off his sassy antics, “Don’t make me regret that I saved you.”


Jongdae chuckles, totally not feeling offended, “More like don’t make you to regret that you saved pretty Myeon and brought him here to us where we’re all betas and make all of us to lose control because pretty Myeon is an omega.” He glares back, making the alpha to retrieve his hands. “Minseok will inform the others soon by himself. Don’t ask me anything. You too, Jongin.” Jongdae turns to the doorway and sees no one, not until he catches Jongin’s scent who’s spying on them. 


Jongin is listening to them from the dining room. He then sees Yifan placing his hand on Jongin’s left shoulder, sighing, “You’re still not good at concealing your scent. Now you know why I don’t want you to follow me into the city?” Yifan has a little soft spot for Jongin, since he’s the last pup he saved and took care of him as a younger brother. Jongin looks displeased though, “I don’t care.” He walks out of the area grumpily and a moment of silence greets them for a few seconds.


“I’m warning you, Jongdae. Stay away from the shorty. You’ll make him scared.”


Jongdae is being stubborn, and Yifan already knows it. “As if,” He growls, “I’ll mark him first before Jongin does.” Kris groans inwardly, hoping that Jongdae isn’t serious about it. In front of the house where there’s little stairs in front of the doorstep, Junmyeon is seated on the ground with his thighs pressed up to his chest and looking at the blue sky, just a few steps away from the well-kept grass. The greenish view which is a few meters away from him is somewhat a soothing sight.


Someone suddenly sits on his right side. It’s Jongin. Junmyeon sighs. After Jongdae, it’s Jongin. “You’re sad?” Junmyeon looks at the slightly tan-skinned male, surprised. “No,” Junmyeon starts hesitantly, “I’m not sad…” But thinking about his late parents makes him to feel sad indeed. He misses them badly. “I just miss them,” He mumbles. “Miss who?” Junmyeon breaks down by the question, causing Jongin to go all panic, “Hey, don’t cry. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to―”


Jongin shuts himself up when the pretty male suddenly leans onto his side weakly. The male immediately circles Junmyeon’s waist with his strong arms, comforting him. Somehow… He feels so bad seeing him like this. “My parents,” The pretty male hiccups, “The hunters― Th-They killed them,” Junmyeon pants at the end of his sentence. Jongin keeps on shushing the crying male softly.


Jongin looks down to see the male is sobbing onto his chest. It breaks his heart terribly. He recalls the day that Kyungsoo cried on him too on the first day they met. Kyungsoo was a cold person. Ever since he has been saved by Yifan and is brought into the house, Kyungsoo’s cold demeanor totally changed. A loud sob cuts his thoughts off. He hugs Junmyeon even more tightly. He needs to tell Jongdae to leave this male alone.


Even though Jongin can actually mark him right now, he doesn’t want to. No matter how alluring Junmyeon’s scent is after he heard that Junmyeon is an omega, he doesn’t want to. He has Kyungsoo and he needs to make Jongdae to stop with his ish antics. Jongdae is a very dominant beta, same goes to himself. Jongin doesn’t notice the fact that someone is watching both of them from the door.


Yifan shuts the door quietly before heading up to his room for a nap. After half an hour later, he gets out of bed and heads downstairs to do something because he can’t freaking sleep and it’s because of Junmyeon but his self-pride is telling him that it’s not because of Junmyeon but his alpha pride is telling him otherwise. What he doesn’t expect that everyone is in the living room, including Junmyeon. “Oh I was just about to call you,” Minseok states.


“Just tell them by yourself, Minseok. Don’t drag me into this―”


“You came back, Yifan. You saved him. You were the one who left us suddenly but then you came back. Junmyeon is a gift for us. You have to stay here. It’s the least you can do, right?”


Yifan hates it when Minseok is right. He walks deeper to the dining room and heads to the kitchen to take a can for a drink before he comes back, leaning against the dining room’s doorway. He spots Jongdae who’s sitting beside Junmyeon’s right side a bit too close. He ignores the smirk which is sent to him as he looks at the other betas. Minseok is on the three-seater couch, with Luhan on his left side and Yixing beside him.


He then goes back to see Junmyeon who’s on the edge of the L-shape couch, near to Minseok. Jongdae is on the right side. Jongin is surprisingly sitting next to Jongdae. Kyungsoo always takes beside Jongin’s side. “We need to talk about something, Junmyeon.” Junmyeon almost whimpers. Minseok’s sentence makes him to remember his late father’s words. “I want you to understand that no matter what you’re facing after this, we’re all here to help you, okay?” Junmyeon nods weakly.


“As you know that we’re wolves, our senses are sharp. That’s how we hunt and battle with other wolves who trespassed our territory.”


Minseok keeps examining Junmyeon’s face before he continues, “You smell like one of us too.” Junmyeon lifts his head up a bit too quickly, almost breaking his neck, looking at Minseok. “I’m not like one of you,” Junmyeon says sternly. The atmosphere is a little tensed, the other wolves in the living room notice this. Luhan keeps an eye on Yifan and Junmyeon. Yifan is suddenly interested in this, Luhan remarks internally.


Yifan doesn’t even notice that he’s staring at Junmyeon as Minseok begins to tell him the truth. “Maybe you don’t know about it, Junmyeon, but our senses never lie. I’m sorry.” Jongdae runs his left hand on Junmyeon’s back, understanding the condition of the pretty male. “Th-That can’t be true,” Junmyeon stutters, looking down at his feet, “That can’t be true…” He whimpers. Yifan almost feels sorry for him. Almost.


“Haven’t your parents told you?”


Minseok asks softly, earning a few shakes of head from Junmyeon. “They aren’t wolves either,” He says while still looking down, recalling back their happy faces. “Maybe either one of them?” Junmyeon looks at Minseok at this as something clicks in his mind. His male mother will always go out at night sometimes. He can’t sleep whenever there’s a long howl at night sometimes. He asks about wolves to his male mother sometimes even when he’s in twenties and receives almost accurate answers.


He knows about wolves all from his male mother. “Junmyeon?” He snaps out from his thoughts. “You were spacing out. Are you―” “Mom,” Junmyeon suddenly says. “I’m sorry?” Minseok edges closer to the younger male. “Mom knew about… Wolves,” Junmyeon tells him almost weakly. “Do you think she’s a wolf?” Minseok tries to bring up some logic to find out answers. “It’s not she. My mother was a male.” Minseok exchanges glances with everyone in the room except Yifan.


“He always tells me stories about wolves…”


Jongdae gives a pat on his back, comforting the male. “I’m really sorry for your loss.” Junmyeon covers his face, not wanting to cry but he just misses them so freaking much. “Th-They told that-that they wanted to talk about so-something… But then the hunters―” Junmyeon gasps, “The hunters,” He repeats unconsciously, before he looks straight at Minseok who looks concerned, “The hunters. Th-They killed him. They killed them… They wanted to tell me something… Why…”


Junmyeon covers his face again. The others are quite uncomfortable except for Yifan. The others feels so sorry for him so they can’t help but to let the male to cry out everything. Jongdae keeps on shushing him, coaxing him and comforting him. Junmyeon is really, really grateful for that. “Junmyeon… If I may. Can I ask you something?” Junmyeon wipes his tears away messily, his sight still blur as he looks at Minseok.


“Can I know what your late mother’s name is?”


Junmyeon sniffles, before looking down to his feet on the carpet, “It’s Kyuhyun.” Jongdae gasps. Jongin gasps. Minseok exchanges knowing looks with those both. “What is it?” Junmyeon asks, curious, still sniffling a little. Yifan awaits for Minseok’s answer as he knows most of the beta wolves’ past. Minseok heaves out a heavy breath before looking into Junmyeon’s eyes with much sincerity, “Jongin, Jongdae and I are from his pack, Junmyeon.”


Junmyeon turns pale at this for no reason. “Let’s give him a break,” Yifan suddenly says, managing to make everyone to look at him, “Tell him everything later on dinner, Minseok.” Jongdae gives the alpha a look of disblief. Yifan completely ignores the look though as he suddenly focused, staring at Junmyeon, “Let me tell you something for now.” Everyone tenses up when they hear Yifan’s rare strong and low tone. Junmyeon just turns more petrified than he already is.


“You’re a wolf. Like it or not, you’re a wolf. Accept your fate. Also, you’re an omega. It’s risky to have an omega in the house but you can choose. One week starting from today, I’ll give you the chance to live here. After one week, we’ll gather like this once again. One, if you don’t like here or don’t like the fact that you’re actually like one of us, get out from this house. Nobody will be stopping you. Two, if you’ve forget about your past and you’re okay with living with us, you’re welcome to stay here. Remember this, you’re one of us now. Once you’re in, there’s no way out. You’re in our pack now, omega. Minseok will tell you the rest later after dinner. Understood?”


Minseok almost wants to oppose this one week thingy. He knows that Yifan owns the house and is an alpha but he should’ve gone easy on Junmyeon since Junmyeon is an omega, not a beta. He almost feels sorry for the male who’s nodding at Yifan obedieantly. He must be so scared and intimidated by the alpha. ‘Why did you do that?’ He communicates with Yifan, looking at him with a tinge of unsatifiedness. 


‘Just because he’s an omega, I can’t let him be weak.’ 


Minseok raises a curious brow towards him, ‘Are you leading the pack?’ Yifan rolls his eyes, ‘That’s not what I meant.’ Minseok holds back a smile and turns his attention back to Junmyeon, “Do you want to have some rest?” Junmyeon nods quietly. Minseok is about to get up not until he feels a tight grip on his left arm. It’s Luhan. ‘Stay. Let Yixing get him to his room.’ Minseok already knows that Luhan is being jealous.


He acknowledges it since yesterday. “Xing.” Yixing nods as he knows what to do already. Once Junmyeon is out from their sight, Luhan starts to complain, purposely making his voice to be higher so that his mate will know that he doesn’t like the attention getting too much on Junmyeon. “Also, you’re pampering him a bit too much.” Yifan sighs as he can’t take it anymore, taking his leave from the area.


“Say something, Yifan! Don’t you disappear again―”


“I’m going out. Want to buy some can drinks.”


“Minseok, tell him to―”


“Let him be, Luhan. You can’t stop him and you know that.”


Minseok coaxes his mate, trying to sound helpful but it only makes Luhan to huff out loud before heading upstairs to his room. Minseok sighs, rubbing on both of his temples. “Someone’s jealous~” Jongdae singsongs, making the others to agree silently. “Better have an eye on him. He might try to hurt pretty Myeon―” “He won’t,” Minseok cuts him off, glaring a little. Jongdae shrinks in his spot.


Jongin almost chuckles at the sight. “Do what you guys want to today. I’ll be in my room,” Minseok gets up from the couch, sighing. “Do we need to cover our ears too?” Jongdae earns a whack on the back of his head from Jongin which goes unnoticed by everyone. Junmyeon can’t stop crying. He isn’t crying out loud. He just wants to know why his parents never told him earlier about him being a wolf. An omega wolf. Omegas are ranked as the last and the weakest in a pack.


Why is he an omega? Junmyeon sniffles at the thought. He doesn’t know much about omegas other than alphas and betas. It’s funny to him that he doesn’t even know himself. He finds out the reason why he feels so small when Jongdae, Minseok and Yifan locks eye contact with him. Omegas are submissive to higher ranks. That’s the only thing he knows about omegas. Which he hates it because he doesn’t want to be weak. He wants to be strong.


He wouldn’t mind being an alpha or a beta but an omega?


He buries his face into the pillow, more tears coming out. The things that Yifan said earlier is so scary. What does he mean that having an omega is risky… ? Junmyeon starts to ponder but then he decides to just ask about it later. Or, he doesn’t need to. Minseok will tell him everything later for sure. He cringes as he thinks about shifting. His male mother said that it will hurt. He immediately shakes the thought off. He can think about that later. For now, he wants to rest his messed up mind.




He wakes up by a few soft pats on his back. “Hey, Minseok hyung told me to wake you up. It’s dinner time.” It’s Yixing. He wonders how can a wolf looks so innocent and so soft-looking. Well, he’s an example himself. Even though he knows that Minseok looks kind and is caring, the male will definitely be scary when he’s pissed, same goes to Kyungsoo. He swears he never wants to see them angry. 


“You can wash your face in there, okay?”


Yixing points to a room which is the bathroom and gives another pat on his shoulder before he takes his leave. Junmyeon gets up groggily, eyes tired from the previous days of endless runs. After he washes his face with the expensive looking face wash, he dries his face with an expensive looking towel. Everything is expensive here which makes him to be extra careful on handling every items.


He then heads downstairs and peeks into the dining room. He gulps when Yifan is also there. Minseok is sitting in the middle while everyone is seated just like the morning. There’s an empty spot across Yifan and he really doesn’t want to sit there. He’s still a little upset about what happened this morning. “We know you’re there, Junmyeon. Come and dine in.” The hair on his nape stands up as soon as he hears Minseok’s voice.


Junmyeon shuffles to his seat and looks down on his plate. Chicken fried rice. He takes a glance on Minseok’s plate and notices that his food is different. Even Yifan’s one is different. “If you’re wondering why our food are different than yours, we need more energy source than humans. We need other than chicken meat. You know that wolves go for hunting, right?” Junmyeon mentally pales.


“This is deer meat. Don’t worry, you’ll be eating this too one day.”


Junmyeon internally cringes. “If you’re disgusted, don’t eat with us. We’ll be eating things that you’ve never seen before,” Yifan says flatly, munching the meat in his mouth. “I wasn’t feeling disgusted,” Junmyeon answers firmly. “Then what?” Yifan asks, eyes still on his food. Junmyeon grits his teeth, “It takes time for me to get used to it. You won’t understand it anyway.” Junmyeon then begins to eat, not realizing a few pair of surprised and amused eyes are on him and Yifan.


Minseok just holds back a smile at Yifan’s dissatisfied face. Dinner then goes on smoothly with a little bit of tension hanging in the air between Yifan and Junmyeon. “So, about your mother…” Junmyeon looks up at Minseok after placing his utensils neatly on the plate. He takes a glance towards Yifan who’s looking so uninterested. “Uncle Kyu is supposed to be our leader after his father died.” Junmyeon widens his eyebrows, “Uncle… Kyu?”


He then looks towards Jongdae and Jongin before to Minseok. “The elders told me to call him that. I don’t even know if the four of us are related or not but since we’re in a pack, we must be as one.” Junmyeon nods in agreement. “Uncle Kyu suddenly disappeared the day before he was going to be appointed as the leader by one of our elders. Those two weren’t born at that time but they heard a lot about Uncle Kyu from their parents,” Minseok gestures towards Jongdae and Jongin who’s being surprisingly quiet.


“The hunters… They killed off our pack after a few years. I was a teen that time. I kept running away because they were searching for every one of us. I didn’t manage to get those two to escape with me. That’s when I met an alpha who saved me. Until today, I’m very grateful to Yifan. Our alpha.”


Junmyeon almost snorts, I’m grateful too but he’s so rudeand so arrogant, and so― “I think Uncle Kyu didn’t want to lead the pack because he was too young that time. I also heard that he just wanted to be normal. I think that’s why he ran into the city?” Junmyeon glances at Yifan who’s looking at him too. Surprisingly, Yifan somehow awkwardly breaks off their eye contact. “Thanks for the dinner.” Minseok sighs while everyone just exchange glances towards one another.


“For the rest, please go to your room and living room. I want Luhan and Yixing to stay here.”


Everyone is gone within seconds after Minseok’s command. Junmyeon wonders why Minseok told Luhan and Yixing to stay back here. “Junmyeon, you do know that submissive wolves can get pregnant, right… ?” Minseok starts awkwardly, not sure how to bring up this topic. “Yes. If a dominant wolf marks on a submissive, they can if they have inter…” Junmyeon leaves off but Minseok nods understandingly, totally grateful that he knows.


Or else he will definitely get awkward just by explaining the . He then breathes in slowly, “Good. Do you know that omegas don’t have to be marked… ?” Junmyeon shakes his head but once he understands, he’s in total shock. Minseoks knows it already that he will receive this type of reaction from Junmyeon. “Yo-You mean, I… I can… I can get―” “Yes but you need to be marked first since you haven’t shifted in a long period.” Junmyeon only blinks, not understanding.


Minseok understands his reactions and tries to explain everything calmly, “You see, Junmyeon, the wolf inside of you has weakened. You can only conceive by a beta or an alpha’s bite on full moon. Only their bite can change you. An alpha bite is the strongest. It doesn’t have to be a full moon if you want to conceive by an alpha’s bite.” Junmyeon sighs in relief, making Luhan to roll his eyes, “Is there a need to tell him all of this?”


Luhan hisses at Minseok, surprising Junmyeon. “Luhan, please. You need to stay here to―” “I don’t want to, Minseok. Deal with him by yourself. I’m out of here,” Luhan leaves without taking his plate to the sink, leaving straight to his room upstairs. “I’m sorry,” Minseok sighs, “Luhan is just disappointed.” Junmyeon tilts his head in wonder. Minseok then rubs his face with his palms, “He’s disappointed because I didn’t get to make him pregnant.”


Junmyeon blushed for no reason, a little embarrassed to know the fact. “Also, he doesn’t like humans. Because the hunters are humans. So No offense.” Junmyeon shakes his head absently, “No. I’m not a human anymore. I understand.” Minseok smiles in relief, “Xing, can you tell him the rest? I need to check on Luhan so that he doesn’t do anything stupid,” He states before leaves them both alone.


“Do you have any questions?”


Yixing asks as Junmyeon turns to look at him. “I do have many even though I know some but will you be okay with it… ?” Yixing smiles, reassuring the male. “Just ask. I’ll explain it easily for you.” Junmyeon nods, thinking for a while, “How do betas and alphas conceive… ?” Yixing’s face turns serious at once as he’s really into answering his questions. Junmyeon becomes serious too.


“The process is the same. They need to have during a full moon. For betas, they need to be marked if their mate is an alpha or a beta. For alphas, they don’t need anything. They only need to give up as an alpha. Just like your mother did.”


“Um, how long does the pregnancy lasts? Is it the same for every ranks?”


“Yes, it’s the same for every ranks but…”




“If a wolf forces you either in your wolf or human form, that means he only wants to release his own needs. He won’t look after the mother and just leave her there, making her to look over her own pups.”


Junmyeon gulps, “Why does he want to release his own needs? That’s cruel…” Yixing shakes his head in pity, “Omegas are the most victims to be left. It’s because of their scent of their heat which makes the wolves go crazy.” Junmyeon becomes scared by this, “Wh-What do you mean?” Yixing then turns serious again, staring at Junmyeon, “The reason why some wolves go insane is because of an omega’s heat. It means that the omega is ready to be mated or to put it simple, can carry pups.”


“Does getting into heat hurts?”


“I don’t know hnestly. I’ve never been into heat. Maybe you will someday.”




“Only if you’re marked by someone. Don’t be scared.”


“How can I not… This is so new to me. Mom never told me about this before.”


“Do you have anything else to ask that you don’t know?”


“Yes. About just now. How long does a wolf’s pregnancy lasts?”


“In a wolf form, many pups will be born. It takes almost six to seven months. In our normal form, it’s the same as humans. Nine to ten months for one baby or less for twins or even triplets. Depends on your luck.”


“If… If I was marked by someone… When will I get into heat?”


“In your case, I think it’ll take a while. For normal omegas, they’ll get into heat within days or even seconds. Omegas can even imprint their mates so that when they’re in heat, their mate will come for them. Even so, other wolves might fight each other to mate with the omega (Junmyeon flinches). I’m sorry if that made you to feel scared.”


“I’m scared indeed…”


“Don’t worry. You’ll be fine here. Luhan hyung, Kyungsoo and I are submissive betas. We won’t get affected by your heat because we’ve been claimed.”


“What about the others… ?”


“Ah, we’ll just lock them up. Don’t worry too much. You haven’t been marked so there’s no need for you to be afraid.”


“But… What did Yifan mean that having an omega in the house is… Risky?”


Yixing doesn’t expect Junmyeon to remember that. He tries to think of a false answer so that he doesn’t get petrified. “Oh, uh, it’s nothing really. Usually omegas will be having the most… The most attention in their pack so that the omegas can choose one of the wolves to be imprinted as their mates. Especially if there’s only one omega in the pack,” Yixing adds in a little truth and hopes that Junmyeon doesn’t ask more about it.


“I see… Do you have any speciality?”


Yixing sighs in relief internally, nodding at the male’s question, “We can communicate with our minds and do mind-readings.” Junmyeon’s eyes widens in surprise, “Really?” Yixing nods, “Our bond strengthens by this.” Junmyeon suddenly becomes sad, “I can’t, right?” Yixing smiles, “You can after you’ve shifted. Once you’re in your wolf form, you can feel this… You can feel this enormous power in you. It doesn’t matter if you’re an omega or not.” 


Yixing sees the male in a deep thought so he tries to him some encouragement, “Sometimes omegas fight to defend themselves. You need to do that to if someone who you don’t know tries to force themselves on you.” Junmyeon nods in understanding but Yixing can clearly sense the fear around him. “Will I ever be a wolf?” Junmyeon asks almost helplessly, his voice nearly cracking by the overwhelming feeling of anxiety.


“I can’t answer that. You must search in yourself. Make your inner wolf to come out. Name it if you want because you’ll feel totally different once you’ve shifted. We have our own wolf names where we use it during hunting or attacking wolves who trespassed our territory. You can get stronger when you use your wolf name in a battle. That’s why we have it.”


“What will be my name, then?”


“Let’s see by next week where alpha will be hearing your decision whether you want to stay here or not.”


“Okay… Thank you, Yixing.”


“Anytime. Please don’t ask questions like these unless it’s Minseok hyung, Luhan hyung, Kyungsoo and me. I don’t want them to mess with you. They’ll stop messing with you unless you’ll stay here with us forever.” 


“Even Yifan?” 


Junmyeon asks and Yixing nods. “Even him,” He answers. “Guys? You’re still not done?” Minseok pops out of nowhere, taking both of the male’s attention. “We just finished, hyung,” Yixing excuses himself politely, leaving the two of them after washing the dishes. “Get some sleep, okay? You need to rest a lot. I bet Yixing told you a bunch?” Junmyeon sighs tiredly, feeling tired and a little scared, “Thank you. I don’t know how to thank you more.”


Minseok smiles, patting on his shoulder, “It’s alright. I’ll be waiting for your answer next week, Junmyeon.” He nods as Minseok leaves him alone. Junmyeon needs time to reconsider about this. The new information is sure a lot and it’s swirling above his head, making him to feel a little stuffy. He only have five days left. Two days has gone so fast without his realization. Junmyeon sighs, deciding to sleep off the tiredness.


Once he reaches to the door of the room, he freezes. Yifan must be in there. Junmyeon takes the courage to peek inside the room, only to find Yifan’s back is facing him. Junmyeon sighs in relief. He heads to the bathroom to wash his face before carefully getting on the bed, his back also facing the alpha’s. He has five days to make his decision. Five days left… Junmyeon keeps repeating the sentence in his head until he falls asleep.  



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Chapter 32: After all the angst and heart wrenching situations.. At last they found their happy ever after..
Chapter 32: arghhh it's been a long time..... I still reread this story all over again and when you updated this... my tummy doing flutter things lmao this is so cute... ergh krisho are always cute and plus with their sehun gosh... sehun is so cute and I can handle it anymore.... I love this updated so much!!! argh I'm in love again... tq for this cute update!
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parents KrisHo + baby Sehun is my weakness so i can never get over when fics have such characterizations

soooooo... still a gibberish baby Sehun who's learning how to walk! HAHAHAHAHA they were so focused on their argument that they didnt even notice that Sehun was already where his daddy is! what do we do with an over excited dad in Yifan? HAHA

he should be thankful nothing has happened during this exercise, cause with how worried Jun is over what they're doing, i can only imagine he'd go berserk if Sehun ended up crying or getting hurt
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Chapter 32: I love baby sehun soooo muuuuccccchhhhh!!!! Thank you for this cute story Author! Have a nice day^^
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Chapter 32: awwn... sweet little family <3
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Chapter 32: sehun is so cute >°<
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Chapter 32: shooooo cuteeeeeeeeeee
Chapter 32: nyaawww this is so freakin cute! Hahaha ><