He Wolf.
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Junmyeon runs. He runs and runs without looking back. He runs from his destroyed house. He runs into the forest. He keeps on running, not caring that his feet is bare. He doesn’t know what will meet him later in the forest. He doesn’t know what he will do alone in the forest. They have just killed two most precious and beloved people in his life. They have just killed his parents.


Their last words to Junmyeon before being killed was 'Run'. So he keeps on running, not even caring that his legs are giving out, or even the day is turning a shade darker. He runs and runs. He’s tired. He’s sad. He’s confused. He’s enraged. He’s scared. He’s broken. He’s falling, but he can’t fall. Not right now. They are chasing him. They are chasing him from behind. He speeds up. He runs faster.


He knows they will kill him too if he stops. So he doesn’t stop. He keeps on running, running deeper into the forest. He senses another presence from his right side through the thick trees and bushes. It’s not chasing him. It’s running with him too. He can’t see what it is. A sharp sting on the back of his neck almost made him to trip and fall but he doesn’t. He keeps on running. He brings his right hand up to his nape to pull out the sharp needle out of his flesh.


It’s a tranquilizer. It doesn’t have any effects on him but the second one does. Junmyeon falls hard on the ground which is blanketed with broken tree branches and dried leaves above the overgrown grass. He breathes hard. His vision is getting blurry. He then hears a low growl in front of him. Before he can comprehend what’s in front of him, it jumps over his fallen body and the next thing he knows, there are loud noises.












The noises are gone.


Junmyeon is still flat on the ground. Breaths calm now. Dizzy. He feels dizzy. Incredibly dizzy. The second tranquilizer is really taking effect on him now. He closes his eyes, unable to fight off the drug that has been shot in his nerve system. His body is getting numb. It’s numbing the rest of his senses slowly. He can’t move. He can’t move even when something has turned his body over. He’s facing the sky.


The sky is totally dark now. So is my life, He thinks. He then sees a pair of bright yellow orbs above him. It belongs to a wolf. The wolf is looking down at him. Front legs on either side of his neck, hind legs on the either side of his knees. It’s huge. He can feel the warmth of its fur on top of his body. Junmyeon smiles. He’s happy. He’s going to die. He’s going to meet his parents.


He’s happy.


Yet it hurts. His heart hurts. He didn’t get to see them smile before they died. He always wanted to see them pass away peacefully, not being killed. It hurts. It really hurts. He then locks his eyes with the wolf. He smiles absently. When he sees the wolf bringing its snout down to his neck, he knows that he will not see the world again. He closes his eyes. He faints. He falls. He breaks.


I’m falling to pieces. 



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teufelchen_netty #1
Chapter 32: gosh, how sweet *_*
Chapter 32: Omaigod sooooo cuteeeeee ..i cannotttt so cute.. krisho couple!! <3 <3 :))))
chrysantslurvletters #3
Chapter 32: After all the angst and heart wrenching situations.. At last they found their happy ever after..
Chapter 32: arghhh it's been a long time..... I still reread this story all over again and when you updated this... my tummy doing flutter things lmao this is so cute... ergh krisho are always cute and plus with their sehun gosh... sehun is so cute and I can handle it anymore.... I love this updated so much!!! argh I'm in love again... tq for this cute update!
92 streak #5
parents KrisHo + baby Sehun is my weakness so i can never get over when fics have such characterizations

soooooo... still a gibberish baby Sehun who's learning how to walk! HAHAHAHAHA they were so focused on their argument that they didnt even notice that Sehun was already where his daddy is! what do we do with an over excited dad in Yifan? HAHA

he should be thankful nothing has happened during this exercise, cause with how worried Jun is over what they're doing, i can only imagine he'd go berserk if Sehun ended up crying or getting hurt
bluepanda4 #6
Chapter 32: I love baby sehun soooo muuuuccccchhhhh!!!! Thank you for this cute story Author! Have a nice day^^
SuhoSandi #7
Chapter 32: awwn... sweet little family <3
kkrarry #8
Chapter 32: sehun is so cute >°<
Chapter 32: shooooo cuteeeeeeeeeee
Chapter 32: nyaawww this is so freakin cute! Hahaha ><