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Tiffany receives a bunch of racy texts from a stranger, and surprisingly, they lead to something more.




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Vietnamese Version - By YangLee21




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Oroton 1 points #1
Calm down :) just write what you want to write. You're right, pleasing readers won't lead you anywhere.
Soshisone_09 1 points #2
Chapter 9: lmao i love this chapter hahaha that " FIGHT ME" tho lol
Soshisone_09 1 points #3
Chapter 5: lol
1 points #4
mrsbubugig 1 points #5
Chapter 40: hahahahaha thumbs up
1 points #6
I'll never get over this fanfic, haha! thanks for writing! :D
robinsoo13 1 points #7
Chapter 40: Wow. This one I'll never get over. Thanks for the story authornim! Glad to have chanced upon a recommendation on Twitter for this! Awesome work!
1 points #8
Really cute and special and I love it. ❤️