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Tiffany receives a bunch of racy texts from a stranger, and surprisingly, they lead to something more.




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Vietnamese Version - By YangLee21




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lazylikeyourass 2 points #1
This fanfic is definitely one of the best.
fordjohn 1 points #2
Chapter 40: Best fanfic I've ever read
1 points #3
Chapter 40: I read this in one night and im still amazed by the humor lol
Congrats on the feature!! ♡
ferriswheel117 1 points #4
Chapter 40: This is so adorable and deffo fun to read
1 points #5
Chapter 40: i have stumbled upon your story! hell i myst sat that i have laughed at every chapter! and congrats for making this story featured!
1 points #6
Congratulations on getting featured!
uniqdreamz 1 points #7
Firstly, congratulations on getting featured. And I really enjoy reading this fic. Enjoyed until I would laughed myself crazy in my room. And yes I did googled for NSFW. Hahahaha. The more I read the more I realized there were slight similarities with my own experience. Hehe..
I will be checking out your other stories too. Thank you for this amusing and entertaining story. Am glad I found it. Stay well and take care
xkittyxz 1 points #8
Congratz on the feature!
1 points #9
Chapter 40: THIS WILL BE MY TOP LIST FAV STORYYYYY :') the sweetness, the humor.. everything is perfect. tq author shiii. i managed to finish it for the whole dayy hehe