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Tiffany receives a bunch of racy texts from a stranger, and surprisingly, they lead to something more.




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Vietnamese Version - By YangLee21




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1 points #1
Chapter 24: Damn. That was hotttt!!!!
1 points #2
Chapter 40: woooow
like, really WOOOOOW~

i really enjoyed every chapter of it~
i'm really in love with ur writing skills rn <3

thanks for this amazing story as well <3
I'll take a look in the other story tomorrow 'cause it's 12 AM here now and i'm already sleepy xD
i wasn't supposed to read all in one go xD but it was too good to stop :v blame on u~
1 points #3
Chapter 16: O.M.G
again you got me!

i wasn't expecting to develops like this '0'
it was an awesome surprise <3
i'm enjoying too much~ >3<
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Chapter 15: Oooh ~ some narrative was added~ <3

*i said i would read when i went to sleep, but i came before~ couldn't hold my curiosity xD*
1 points #5
I'm feeling like i'll enjoy this too much ~ <3
*i'll try to start today before sleeping*

and congrats for the featuring xD
ky1021 1 points #6
The concept of this story is very refreshing. It's cute and funny. I enjoyed reading it. :D
18 streak 1 points #7
Chapter 40: Hahahaha! Cute ending! I can't stop rereading the part when Tae met Tiffany's dad. That's just... Ugh... I can't stop laughing. (≧▽≦)(≧▽≦)(≧▽≦)
czankx 1 points #8
Chapter 40: Reading this in October 2017
Oroton 1 points #9
Calm down :) just write what you want to write. You're right, pleasing readers won't lead you anywhere.