To: Our Dear Tae,



Taehyung was everyone’s favorite, ray of sunshine. Amongst his superior, reputable, and somehow indifferent family, he has managed to be the center of balancing, to keep everything according in its place. Even his typical-classy older brother, Seokjin and the rebellious youngest in the family, Jungkook, have this particular side which they were all cared so much simply for him.

Taehyung was Taeyong’s one and only best friend, as they both— later had become the-so-called 2Tae's— enrolled to the prominent art school in Seoul. Their personalities were totally the opposite, yet it has made the super individualistic Taeyong had finally found a true companion for the first time in the whole he has lived in. Taehyung knew from the beginning he had laid his eyes at the sight of the coldest soul— that he was sure, he would be somehow clicked with— and they really did in due course, which only God knows the reason.

And then, there was Suzy— the most wanted, popular and gorgeously striking, senior a year ahead of them with her bestest friend Jinri— whom Taeyong has acquainted from the time when he was in middle school. As well as whom Taehyung had fell in love since the first day he entered the place.





Taehyung (18)
Taeyong (18)
Suzy (19)
Kim Household
Jungkook (16)
Seokjin (21)
Her Uni Friends
Jinri (19)
Jisoo (19)
Jinyoung (19)
Jaebum (19)
Kook's Classmates
Jaehyun (16)
Yugyeom (16)
Hey guys... Bad News. (at least for myself)
just went back from a trip & lost my flash drive (with my FFs in it) it was at a remote village, either in SK or Japan :'(
will be still updating later but i need more time to recollect the ideas. pls be patient :')

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Chapter 27: YAAAAS!
Please use Kookie!
And The Kim brothers being good-looking as usual together w/ The Bae Queens
Chapter 26: Yaaas!
More drama!
I live for this and kookzy <33
Chapter 26: Taeyong is really acting like a brat.. But i think it’s truth that he just did that with joohyun to mess with suzy.. how i wish that taehyun will live his life with suzy tho..
Spirit27 #4
Chapter 25: I really love this chapter team kookzy forever!
Chapter 25: I ship them AND I'M NOT SORRY!!
Chapter 25: OMG this was probably my favorite chapter
I loved them <333
My feelings...
Chapter 25: does this mean that taehyung is aware of jungkook feelings towards suzy?? omg keep updating!!
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Chapter 23: Kook is full of jealousy
Chapter 22: omg
i just thought he had a little crush on her!
Now the game is between Jungkook and Taeyong