Night of the Dragon

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Once a year, the dragons hiding in the human world have a chance to release their wrath. This time of the year was also a chance for Kyungsoo to solve the mystery of his past, to finally find the culprit of his parents' deaths. However, something unexpected distracts him from this agenda.


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1. "because  you  need  to  face  your  fears.  you  can't  expect  to  deal  w ith  future  enemies  if  you're  still  f ighting  the  old  ones." - toph beifong, avatar : the legend of korra

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darkangel15 0 points #1
nice work~~ *thumbs up*
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Chapter 1: Cool cool
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Congrats on winning the bid! ^^
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Hi! I just wanted to point out that the link you entered for the advertising calendar is wrong (there's an extra http), so you might want to change it so it links to the story :)
Bulbie #5
Chapter 1: Dang this is so awesome, you're so awesome!!!!
Thanks for writing and sharing♡
gaviotta1 #6
Chapter 1: This story was so beautiful i loved it thank you author-nim
Chapter 1: holy this was truly amazing...I loved everything about this and wish I could have kept reading more
SashaHRH #8
Chapter 1: This was gorgeous! The depth of character you were able to create within one chapter was incredible. If you are so inspired, would love to continue reading this au. Thank you for sharing your talents with us!
ButterflyCBKS #9
Chapter 1: Loved it so much <3 <3 <3
Will you make a sequel or just another chapter? Please~~~
It's so beautiful ^^
It's satisfying the way it is now but it would be nice if we got to read what happens after Kyungsoo fully accepts himself and of course how would his and Jongin's relationship develop and all that~~~
But honestly I'm happy I read this fanfic because it's just so unique and beautiful <3
dodioks #10
Chapter 1: mind-blowingly - awesome!!!!!!!!!! woahhhhhhh