Not Equal (Steps To Letting Go)

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If you love him, let him go. If he doesn't come back to you, then he never belongs to you in the first place. If, however, he does come back, then...


✽ this is the sequel to Not Equal. it's recommended you read it first before reading this, but i guess you don't have to, since each chapter is a standalone.

✽ angst angst angst angst.

✽ a story of reality, of mistakes, and hopes, renewed.

✽ poster by cloud9, thank you so much!!





“I love you, but... Sometimes, you make me really hate myself.” 


“I was there first! I was the one who knew him first! I was there for him until you came in and ruined everything!”  


“Yeah, well. I was the one he ended up falling in love with, wasn't I? Not you.” 


“It's because I love you that I know what it feels like. And I will never want to hurt him the way you hurt me.” 




A story of four people, each with their own struggles and feelings. 

Each with their own mistakes and their own ways of trying to move on.

Now, the question is: who says which line?

And who will get the happy ending?



[NE: STLG] 160417: and with this, the stories of jongin and chanyeol are closed :)

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Chapter 2: this is the best thing ever ohmygod i love this series so much?
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