Yifan's little family


"A family in harmony will prosper in everything"

-Chinese Proverb


OHANA means family(in an extended sense of the term, including blood-related, adoptive or intentional). The concept emphasizes that families are bound together and members must cooperate and remember one another. 


Series of Drabbles and one shot of Yifan's Family

(Including ChanBaek, Xiuchen, Hunhan and Kaisoo)

 Drabbles/Oneshots varies from different timeline (From past to present to future) Some are connected, some are not ^^




It's my first time posting a story here.

I'm a BIG fan of Krisho and a er for familyau!

I hope you'll enjoy! ^^

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Chapter 87: i thought Father’s Day was in November! HAHA
as usual, these are all so sweeeeeeeettttttttt
i LOVED everything!

HAHAHAHA KIDS AND THEIR WEIRD DREAMS! at least Jongin’s dreams were reasonable, but we were all probably like: no kid, you’ll be a chef when you grow up! HAHA how could Jongin just put Sehun and his twin’s “dreams” under the bus!!! vampire? trex??? HAHAHAHA

i soooooo love the bond between the twins tho! have always been there for each other and has known each other so well! to think that Jongin was the one Sehun rescued from the bullies and he was frozen when they started bullying him! but Jongin retaliated when Sehun was hurt!!! I LOVE THE BROTHERHOOD SO MUCH!!!

and ofc after everything, Baba Yifan to the rescue!!! no one dares touch the Wu children! not under Wu Yifan’s watch!!! i love it when Yifan exercises his power! not like he’s abusing it, it was the kid’s fault for bullying the twins and for the father who was turning a blind eye over his kid’ insolence! sorry man, no more deal with the Wus for you!!!

THE RESTAURANT MOMENT THO!!! it would be a dream to have SeKai singing together!!! kyaaaaaaaa my fangirl heart can’t stop imagining the scenario! and to think that they’re grown adults already but was still open to the idea of singing a song for their father proves that they love him so much... Yifan is a great father and provider and the kids all know it and can only be thankful... this family is so perfect! i love them all so much

ahhhhhhhhh it was Yifan who started Sehun’s love for bubble tea then! HAHAHAHAHAHA did Jun really not discover that Yifan fed Sehun bubble tea? i bet Yifan confessed it after some time :)))

ps. thank you ao much for keeping the updates coming! it’s always a nice surprise to check AFF and see this au updated! all your updates have been sweet and lovely, they’re always a pleasure to read :)
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Chapter 85: Can you please write more about Berry, HunHan's child and HunHan in general? Like how you did with Asher ?
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Chapter 87: Tbh suddenly I really miss ur update today and when I check my subcribe updates, ur update showed up omo❤ I really miss this family esp the twins moments with their baba ;u; and thank u for the update! I hope there'll be another update asap❤
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Chapter 87: My heart this is so cute shdjddmddhdh
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Chapter 87: Both Nini and Hunnie are too cute! (^_^)
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Chapter 87: awww... thank u for updating..! miss this story so much.. :)
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Chapter 87: This story never fails to pull strings in my heart ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ thank you so much for continuing this story ❤️
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Chapter 87: Theyre the sweetest family everrrr huhuhu ㅠㅠ
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Chapter 87: cute cutE cuTE cUTE CUTE!!! <33333
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Chapter 87: Little Hunnie with lisp is so adorable.
Thank you for updating!!