Her Cute and Sassy Bodyguard [ Editing ]

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She said that he’s too cute to be a bodyguard.

He said that she’s too rude to be a princess.

Both of them are equally sassy.

When their worlds collide, can the cute bodyguard actually protect the rude princess despite hating each other's faces?




Everyone loves him; he's sassy, cute, full of love and exceptionally loud.
Always spreading his love to anyone who needs and takes care of his family and friends first before himself.


Everyone gets annoyed with her; she is beautiful but annoyingly sassy and exceptionally blunt
She speaks her mind, brave enough to fight for what is right and often gets mistaken for being rude.


Kai, Chanyeol, Luhan and Kris as Baekhyun's best friends.

Byul as Baekhyun's younger sister.

Jaejoong as Baekhyun's father.






           Sera silently watched Baekhyun as he walked out his bedroom. He is cute- too cute. He had blonde hair that stuck up in every direction but somehow looked good on him. If you think about it, he actually looks like a puppy when he yawns. In addition, he always wears shirts that are too big for him. Wait, no, I'm never going to call him cute to his face, that's too much of a compliment! Is he really what I think he is? Ugh! She snapped to herself and started to get annoyed.

           “Sir Jaejoong, is he really going to be my bodyguard? He looks like a... a dog! A mongrel! I’m going to die soon!” Sera huffed in annoyance, her finger pointing sharply at Baekhyun.

           Despite her sassy attitude, Baekhyun thought this woman looked beautiful. Her long ebony hair smelled like a mixture of tropical fruits. She had a pair of large, lovely brown eyes that made her seem as though she was taken straight out of a Japanese manga book. With her pearl-like milky skin, she looked just like a doll that contrasted with her rude and boisterous personality. Her defiance was on a whole different level and it was really ticking Baekhyun off, causing him to insult her instead.

           “Excuse me, anime face, but who are you? For your information, I’m not anyone's bodyguard and no one's going to babysit a bratty baby like you. Most certainly not me!” Baekhyun spat and rolled his eyes at Sera.

            “Did you just roll your eyes at me, you mongrel?” Sera's face turned red from anger. No one has ever rolled their eyes at her. It was a total insult. That's it.



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Hello Subscribers, 'Her Cute and Sassy Bodyguard' is currently in editing processes. To avoid any headaches while reading the unedited version, I will put this story to draft and will upload each chapter after the edit. I'm sorry to cause confusion to the new readers, but I hope the story will be more interesting after the editing is done. Thank you for your understanding. ^^




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