Hello Baby!


Hello Baby!


What would you do if you were 16 and pregnant, and on top of that the father of your baby is related to your families worst enemies. . . Oh wait here’s the kicker. Your not only 16 and pregnant , your 16 pregnant and you’re a boy . Well just like you Taemin has no clue what to do. Between his over bearing mother of a big brother. His and Minho relationship adding fuel to the family war fire between the Jungs and the Kims. Also his crazy school & love life. Things are changing people are changing. And between having Mood swings and odd food cravings and morning purges and clothes that don’t fit what is a Taemin to do, and can his life get anymore insane.
Lol I know this forward was kind of iffy and yes im staring another one . . . don’t hurt me lol I hoe you enjoy….


Hey i had to make another account because i cant sign into my old one so i guess i'll have to do the same for my other fic my pet sorry for the long wait i was going to wait until everything was clear but it just wasnt happening. . . . T.T


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vyrmag #2
Chapter 15: Please!!!You have to finish your fic I want Junjae together again and Jongkey too. Don´t give up!
vyrmag #3
Chapter 10: So funny Jae!!He´s going to kill Minho.Ja, ja!!
Dreamingstar_TK #4
mollz1997 #5
I can't wait for your update
Good luck on your future and have fun
XD x
deactivated- #6
aigoo~ thanks for the update.
mollz1997 #7
LOL i <3 this story update soon PLEAS PLEAS PLEAS BTW i <3 key and jjongs relationship LOL classic <3 :D lov ya for writhing this fic but PLZ PLZ PLZ UPDATE SOON!!! :D<br />
theGwii #8
You are soo good ! Ajskdhaskgbfkdjfkdhjsh : }} <3
lovelykpopbchick #9
This is funny. I was crackin up when minnie, wookie, and Taemin were talking about how when Yesung stares at Wookie it scares them. HaHa good one. I love this!!!!
MinAlly #10
Omg i swear. This fic is like the closest to my heart. U have every person's personality right and all the couples going on! Ahhhh i love it so much. Its like dream heaven. Its more than a fic to me. Its just that you have the couples I absolutely love here! You have yunjae the parents! Its perfect! Yoosu the playful one! Perfect with cheesy and greasy yoochun and cutey junsu! Kya! And jongkey! And most of all, you put 2min as the main star because of taemin's pregnancy And the 2min couple being all the perfect one out of all the craziness from the couples in the house. Such a great plot! I wish they will live in the same house in the future and have the couples togther! XD that would be the best!!! Omg u even have changmin's character down with the food and with onew who likes chicken. You even have yesung and ryeowook. And dooseob! And kangteuk! And sichul! Omg this fic is daebak. I love this fic, i truly do. Please author, don't give up on the fic. I will wait for ur update forever! Just please! I love this fic! *hugs u author*
merii_chan #11
This is really good!!!! I really like it!!! please update as soon as you can!