The Lost Nothing


Jaejoong was a nobody, he had a deadend job, a crappy apartment and his only friend was a ghost. So why were these two kids looking at him as if he was their last hope.



“!!,” Jaejoong yelled irritably, as he sat up on his bed and immediately throwing off his covers and reached across his nightstand for his cigarettes. He looked back at the man while lighting up the cigarette, wondering what to do.

You see, Jeajoong wasn’t worried about the murderer who possibly saw him running away from the crime scene, nor was he worried about the ghost staring right back at him.

He was never afraid of death; he was just extremely annoyed by the things that came after it.

He finally took his eyes off the man to look across the small apartment to his shabby red couch at the three occupants sitting on it; one missing a limb, one without an eye, and the last with a gunshot wound to the heart, each of them in an equally dead state staring right back at him.

Shaking his head, Jeajoong finished his cigarette and laid back down, ignoring the four sets of eyes that were staring at him.

“You guys really …..”












Changmin (unknown):






Main: Yunjae (maybe more, later on.)



My second story, i'm new at this so if there is anything that doesn't make sense tell me so that i can fix it. My english writing skills are rusty, so there might be typos and grammer errors. Not much of this fic is thought up yet so if you read and have ay ideas i'm open to them and constructive criticism.

Comment and subscribe if you want, thank you.

Edit: unlocked the fic, i'll put warnings if there needed.

Update on chapter 14: I'm going back to the present on chapter 15, like commenters springmiya and ramen1 have suggested and just do flashbacks. I'm stuck on what else to do in the past. Again, sorry for the mess and delay.

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Chapter 17: min tek yun's help,just tell him abt jae!!
Busnut #2
Chapter 17: Can't wait for Yunho to see Jaejoong.
Great story.. So, taemin is yunjae's second son.. Can't wait for the yunjae reunion authornim..
Chapter 17: Your back! Happy New Year, I love this chapter so much, thx for updating. Oho I yunho looks guilty, can’t wait for the next one....I’m curious on what yunho’s father and the rest thought about reapers joining in the club , their real reasons....somehow I get the feeling they arent all keen in Just helping the other clans out of the goodness of their hearts. This is getting interesting, can’t wait for yunho to meet jaejoong.
subtitler #5
Chapter 17: Like always i enjoyed this installment.... poor changmin though....
Chapter 17: This is getting interesting...
Can't said to yunho and jae nest arch other
springmiya #7
Chapter 17: ha so good taemin got to met his father , i hope the confusion from them both clears up Jaejoong, Taemin and Karam. Your family are all their, I kind of wished Yunho followed them, And heechul hopefully soon great chapter, i'm really looking forward to all the updates
Chapter 16: awwww yun,u luv jae so much dat u neva dated any1 fo 20 yrs T_T but dnt worry anymore,ur jae is back <3<3
BeeCher #9
Chapter 16: It is so exciting!!!
At Last they metros! Jae and Changmin
But what about Taemin? Who is he? I Stiller believe that he is Jae'se son..
Tanks forma the update ...
springmiya #10
Chapter 16: I really hope Jaejoong find him self, and Taemin and kai. I think what ever is stopping Jaejoong aura is stopping Taemin too. all it make me wonder is who did this to them,