Aeri and Her Twelve Brothers

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I am Lee Aeri and I have twelve protective, handsome, smart brothers. And this is our mischievous life. 


This story is purely fiction only. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE, COPY and TRANSLATE. Any similarities to any stories are purely coincidental. GIFS that are used aren't mine. I do not own EXO.

im deleting my authors note last dec28... im starting to write the next chapter again and its about christmas with the lee siblings :)

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PaintingPlayer #1
Chapter 23: That was cute as heck :-) glad you're doing well and still writing, too!
kailalu #2
Chapter 22: "because i know i have my brothers at my back to support me" my heart!!! this is so touching and heartwhelming skdsakjfd
thank you for those who have been nice since my post and for encouraging me :)) ive told my family about my problems and i was surprised bcs they've supported me and told me to be happy instead of stressing myself. I've also talked to some of my friends and they have been nothing but understanding to me. Thank you guys so much. I'm still not 100% ready for 2018 but i know that i have my family with me and my friends, and also God. Thank you really. I love you guys.
PaintingPlayer #4
Chapter 24: Hey, I'm sorry to hear about what you're dealing with right now... I don't know you personally but I'm rooting for you! I hope you get past this, and even if it seems like no one appreciates you or what you do, know that someone does! Really, hang in there, we aren't familiar with eachother but if you want to rant to someone I'm here
Please keep on going! <3
1 points #5
Chapter 24: wow so many filipinos here so happy to see that they are supporting you :) i wish youre doing fine ^^
1 points #6
itaas ang bandera ng Pilipinas!!!!! i have a friend who always complein bakit sha palagi ang gumagawa ng mga projects...... one day hindi niya kinaya sinumbong niya! boom panes! don't mind the members of urs na hindi nagco-cooperate kasi pabigat lang sila, pagaanin mo! kaya mo yan!!! fighting!
1 points #7
Chapter 24: im on your side on this one :(( taga pinas rin ako at sobrang hirap ng grading system sa bansa natin. Palagi nalang take down notes, gawa projects, film dito, practice doon! adkahajf nakakabalik!!!!!!! para akong namamtay sa systema ng ating edukasyon, gusto ko ngang mag drop out dahil ang bigat ng gawain. No chillin in the philippines, only if u have money XD
Starcruise 1 points #8
Chapter 24: We might not know each other but i feel a student too so i know how all these things make you feel..always remember that someone somewhere appreciates you and loves strong and fight for yourself!!thanks for sharing your thoughts with us..fighting!!!!
Johnson94 1 points #9
Chapter 24: I'm sorry that everything is piled on I just wish you the best and you find what makes you content
1 points #10
Chapter 24: It's okay author-nim! Take your time, don't stress too much. Actually, I can relate to you. I'm also from the Philippines and I too felt like people take me for granted and always abuse my kindness by not helping in projects and big assignments. And when it's peer evaluation time they would confuse my honesty as selfishness. I don't get these people sometimes but don't take in their negative opinions too hard. I believe you did well and you're not selfish. Try to relax and stay away from negative thoughts this xmas! Merry Xmas and Happy New Year author nim!