Black Gold (Now Airing: Season Two)

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Jessica Jung, a talented witch, transfers to her new school and ends up getting tangled up with a group of rivaling witches, but more curiously, a shape shifter. OT9. Harry Potter/Supernatural/College AU. PG-13.


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Taengsic heavy (maybe there will be some other couples, or hints of them), but mostly, OT9.

I wanted to do a boarding-school story and I wanted to do a supernatural story, so I thought it’d be fun to do a combination of the two. This is loosely based on the HP universe.

Thought it’d be fun to structure this like a TV series as well. So 10 episodes per season. I want to make this a visual story too, so I’ll be looking for help. Should anyone want to be part of a project, or know a good graphics shop, please shoot me a message. I’d be happy to pay you in karma points for your help. You guys are going to love what I figured out how to do :)


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(Is that even possible? I just don't want to do all this work for no readers haha)




Thanks very much for the interest :) Here’s a second teaser image for you guys in the meantime. I’ll be working hard until then.


Season Premiere is June 1, 2016.

See you cool cats then.


Also, I opened up a tumblr so that I can dump all these gifs somewhere. Come find me :)



Oh wow, thanks for the Halloween feature, guys! This is really cool :O Thank you to everyone who's ever commented and/or upvoted this! ❤️

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widamoustache 0 points #1
Chapter 14: Hey cool story you got here. Keep the chapters coming
0 points #2
Wow wow...I was on vacation when this got Featured [so I just found out now T.T]!!!! Congrats!! I mean all your stories should get featured since they are amazing :D
0 points #3
Just found out that this pure gold and amazing fic got featured. Not surprised and not disappointed. Haha. I know very well that soon enough it would be featured since it was authored by you. kkkk. Congratulations anyway! Better late than never, right? kk <3
jasjasjas 0 points #4
Chapter 14: please update ?☺️
Chapter 4: She finally found out. Anyway, I'm really intrigued with what Yuri really is. There are eyes turning gold, eyes turning red, I'm actually looking forward whose eyes will turn next and which color. xD. Anyway, Hyoyeon mentioned the Unbreakable Vow ( I totally hate that spell) and the other spells that were used in the previous chapters. You surely know your way in the wizarding world author-nim. Makes me raise my expectation higher (expectation in the wizarding world). Thumb's up for this chapter.
Chapter 14: Where's the update author-nim? ;-;
Chapter 14: I was scared that something bad would happen to them. Gladly they got their way out of the crisis. Btw, i love how Tiffany is teasing TaengSic. Yeah she's right, they are agonizingly slow hahaha. Thanks a lot for the update author-nim. Thumbs up
Chapter 3: I like the little cat fight between the girls. Anyway, I noticed you included the Salem as Tiffany's backstory or something and I commend you for that. I love Wizardry and I also love Witchcraft and tbh I actually practice Witchcraft. But people should know that there's a very thin line that differentiate Wizardry from Witchcraft. A very, very thin line. And that Witchcraft is not about black magic or dark magic like people would always think. It's farther than that.
Anyway, about the Salem, it actually reminds me of Salem witch trials back in late 1600's. Witchcraft doesn't only focus on one thing. It varies from different places in the world. Anyway, it'd be nice if Tiffany's past would be brought up in the future updates. Thumb's up for this chapter.
Coiste #9
Chapter 14: Finally jumped on the bandwagon and plowed through reading this! Now that I'm finished with the published chapters I'm starved for more lol... Taengsic moments always get interrupted, what a shame- do love the slow build though. Cheers, and take your time updating!
KkapJpwn #10
Chapter 14: I never read an AU story like this and I was hesitant to actually start reading in fear that it would be tacky. But, to my delightful surprise, it's great! Loving everything and can't wait for the next update :)