Black Gold (Now Airing: Season Two)

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Jessica Jung, a talented witch, transfers to her new school and ends up getting tangled up with a group of rivaling witches, but more curiously, a shape shifter. OT9. Harry Potter/Supernatural/College AU. PG-13.


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Taengsic heavy (maybe there will be some other couples, or hints of them), but mostly, OT9.

I wanted to do a boarding-school story and I wanted to do a supernatural story, so I thought it’d be fun to do a combination of the two. This is loosely based on the HP universe.

Thought it’d be fun to structure this like a TV series as well. So 10 episodes per season. I want to make this a visual story too, so I’ll be looking for help. Should anyone want to be part of a project, or know a good graphics shop, please shoot me a message. I’d be happy to pay you in karma points for your help. You guys are going to love what I figured out how to do :)


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Thanks very much for the interest :) Here’s a second teaser image for you guys in the meantime. I’ll be working hard until then.


Season Premiere is June 1, 2016.

See you cool cats then.


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Oh wow, thanks for the Halloween feature, guys! This is really cool :O Thank you to everyone who's ever commented and/or upvoted this! ❤️

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kingjokerz99 0 points #1
Chapter 17: Oh my god thank god taeng didnt died . So there are going to be COUPLES now huh ?
AOD_WQ 0 points #2
Chapter 17: cool, I love this chapter, thanks author for not letting Taeng be dead forever, what's going to happen with the girls, can't they use the red flu to scape that place? I really really want to read more about it. yay! Finaly TaengSic said that they love each other ^-^ bad kids are teasig them XD, have fun while you can girls.

Thanks author you did great ^-^ I'll be waiting for more
0 points #3
Chapter 17: I knew somehow Tawny would have lived but I would be lying if I said I wasn't worried. Aww I'm so happy TaengSic finally got together though. I'm totally curious of who caused this apocalypse to happen and what they're going to do Now. Thanks for the update!
0 points #4
Chapter 17: YESSSSS!!!!TAENGSIC DUDE!! ♥♥♥♥

I think KoalaHug97 will be glad to help you :D
0 points #5
Chapter 17: I really love the development of each character through chapters. I doesn't feel rushed and that's impressive since it's just right.
And hurray for TaengSic hohohoh
gumball999 0 points #6
Chapter 17: Wah i love this zombie concept
Mismatchednerd 0 points #7
Chapter 17: Taengsic continues to live
Yisheng16 0 points #8
Chapter 17: Omg I love your fic!
KkapJpwn 0 points #9
Chapter 17: Haha, leave it to Yuri to be blunt. I definitely wonder how they're gonna go about this whole situation with the chimeras. The way I see it, they can either try leaving the island or they can make the dormitory their fort. Excited to know what will happen next!
0 points #10
Congratulations! I love this story. omg. X