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He was promised an everlasting love;

But not all promises were meant to be kept.

And this one?

It was destined to be broken.




Warning (spoiler):  [Character death], comment section also contains spoilers -- read at your own risk.


Author's Note:

I honestly had no idea what I was doing with this. I'm sorry for the load of word vomit, but hopefully it won't be too bad?? 


This is for a friend - someone who has never stopped encouraging me, and is always willing and ready to listen to my rants and talk me through my problems. I'm so happy we were able to meet and become friends; I'm so appreciative of you. (I'm sorry I'm dedicating such an angsty fic to you I'll do better next time I swear OTL). Cheers, Sarah, my little swan princess <3


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Chapter 2: Damn it, I didn't expect to cry from this.
Kaikainini #2
Chapter 2: i force myself not to cry telling myself to be strong
1 points #3
I'm impressed and I'm not crying because first of all you are. Okay, I'm crying right now never thought of that plot twist coming, I thought it was Baek dying and Chan regretting that rhymes, but still it's not. Thank you for this, haven't read this kind of fic in a while (what I mean is that would make you ?)
Chapter 1: All of the clenching feelings inside me, upvoted.
MegglesLovesYou #5
Chapter 2: This was great. I had to force myself not to cry ( ≧Д≦) ♥
Thank you for the story <3
Chapter 2: Omgg my poor lil heartt. I cant. This is too painful. But really thank you for the great tears!
Chapter 2: Awwww, Park Chanyeol you should have told Baek about your condition tsk tsk
Chapter 1: Huhuhu this is too heartbreaking :((((
whiterose12 84 streak #9
Chapter 2: Beautiful story
1 points #10
Chapter 2: This is so perfect T-T im crying so hard Xx Thankyouuuu author nim for the amazing story, I felt so moved by the emotions