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Annyeonghaseyo, Yiwook ibnida~ 

I am a writer in Asianfanfics and just to have a tutor for the first timer on 'How to fill in the needed stuff when you are writing in AFF'

This is an article for the first timer in AFF that you wanted to write a story but you don't know how to fill in the needed stuff.

Here we go!!!


First, all you need to do was click on the start writing button.


Next, tick the three boxes if needed, exp: if your are writing a rated story(angst, violance, and ect...) you have to tick the rated box, no exception. If you are going to show the story to your friend only, you can just tick the 'Friends only' box. This action as known as marked private. Lastly, if you want to prevent your visitor from selecting text, you can simply mark the 'Disallow text selection' box. This could prevent some copyright problems after you tick it.


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TaoWUVSPandas #1
Chapter 1: Thanks this helped a lot!:)
SJAgirlz #2
Hi I actually honestly love your tutorials~ really thankful!
RoseySaleh #3
Chapter 6: Hello there.
I have a problem you see, I have a couple of stories here on AFF, when I try to upload a "Main Image" for the fic then press "Save" the photo doesn't save and when I refresh, it isn't there, as if I never posted it.
I make sure the links are direct and they are mostly from tumblr or photobucket, but they still don't save. I don't know what to do about that. Can you please help me? Thanks a lot.
LoveIsADrug #4
Chapter 4: This is REALLY helpful :D Thank you
supjen__ #5
Chapter 2: so when u start writing how do u publish it? is It automatic orr??
Aegyobliss_tan #6
Chapter 6: how can i set a picture in the character bar?
schenlark #7
Chapter 4: Really helpful, thanks!
Simply_qutie #8
So how do you post your story?
yullover2002 #9
Chapter 6: i don't from where the url and how to put it
athena2098 #10
Chapter 10: AUTHOR-NIM AUTHOR-NIM!!! I have a question, and it's a noob one. How do you set a background picture for a story? You know like them cute pictures in the background of the story.