Annyeonghaseyo, Yiwook ibnida~ 

I am a writer in Asianfanfics and just to have a tutor for the first timer on 'How to fill in the needed stuff when you are writing in AFF'

This is an article for the first timer in AFF that you wanted to write a story but you don't know how to fill in the needed stuff.

Here we go!!!


First, all you need to do was click on the start writing button.


Next, tick the three boxes if needed, exp: if your are writing a rated story(angst, violance, and ect...) you have to tick the rated box, no exception. If you are going to show the story to your friend only, you can just tick the 'Friends only' box. This action as known as marked private. Lastly, if you want to prevent your visitor from selecting text, you can simply mark the 'Disallow text selection' box. This could prevent some copyright problems after you tick it.


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rashelo #2
Hello there
I really want to seek for your help here
am new here and after my friends contineous insisting to sign here and write my stories , I signed but i did a mistake writing a story without getting a full knowledge about the site , I finished chapter 3 but my friends telling they cant view the texts and it looks messy also same reaction from commenters
I tired to fix it , for me I can view everything normally and there's not such things of what they said , but still the text doesnt show in their devices , can you help and guide me what mistake i did and what problery the reason ,
am so depressed . thx alot
Maria_446 #3
How do you get and put a main and backround image on your story and what is an exstention?
BabyEXOtic_Kpopper #4
Just like @missdyo12 How am I going to paste the url to the image if I created the photo on my computer?
missdyo12 #5
Chapter 1: hello . How am I going to paste url link to the image if I created the photo on my laptop ? sorry for asking such a stupid question but I really don't know how to do it.
AsianPersuation #6
Chapter 1: How do you get a co-author
K-PopGyokuro #7
Chapter 1: does the aff get published after clicking 'save changes'? :| (PS.I'm sorry if this question seems stupid T^T.But can't help it you see...)
reiikurou #8
hi I'm sorry but can you tell me how to write in the middle with wide gaps on the sides? because I can only write either it's focused on the right nor on the left. Thank you before!
mj_DTD #9
Hi. I'm starting a shops list and I want to add your shop/gallery/list/contest/roleplay :
Read the rules, complete this form , put it in the comments box for this link and you will be on the list.

Author's name:
Author's link:
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Shop genre:
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Info you want to add:
Services/Packs/posters/trailers exp:
N_nazwa #10
Chapter 1: when u clicked the "save changes" button, is that mean u already publish it???? ugh... confused.....
Uniqlonot #11
Chapter 1: When you say "picture" or "image", are you talking about the title page?