Red haired Devil, Silver haired Wolf

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Jongin, cheeky, spaced out, werewolf, dark secret.

D.O, sassy, mute, gangster, even darker secret.

Both meet through Suho's orders, both have a mutal understanding immediatly.

When they grow closer, Jongin finds himself falling right there for the devil.



This whole story is rewritten and because of my idiotic and stupid motherf*cker of a lovely tutor, I had not the time to finish the whole story. I apologize for this, but I hope you all understand. Anyway, I will reveal more chapters like normal updates and really hope you all like the new plot.

I finally found the time to sit down with my co-author and tried to get rid of as many typos as possible, so this should be easier to read from now on. It will still be as fluffy as I tried to write before, even when the description sounds way more angsty >///<

I don’t think there is more to say, besides that Kaisoo is the main ship and Hunhan the second lead.

Have fun reading!




A/N: I will update the characters constantly, so if you haven't read the story, some spoilers might occur!


D.O.'s Gang:



Real name: Do Kyungsoo

Race: Jumper (Age 2820)

Powers: Memory/Thoughts-realted Manipulation/ Stealing Powers

Status: ???

Person: sassy; hates wolves; permanent glare; Gang leader; mute; most feared person in school



Real name: Kim Jongin

Race: Werewolf

Powers: shapeshifting (pure silver fur, bright yellow eyes, with a hint of purple in them)

Status: ???

Person: nice; shy; bad boy attitude (sometimes); spaces out a lot; enjoys music/ dancing; youngest member of Suho’s pack


Real name: Byun Baekhyun

Race: ???

Powers: ???

Status: ???

Person: diva; can be dangerous; nature person; also called Bacon by Sehun; D.O.s right hand; more than once arrested by police


Real name: Oh Sehun

Race: ???

Powers: ???

Status: ???

Person: BRAT; will protect, what is important to him; fun to be around; youngest member; abused child; thrown out by his real parents; mostly called maknae


Real name: Huang Zitao

Race: ???

Powers: ???

Status: ???

Person: white, little girl; loves gucci; easily scared; character make a 180° turn when his friends are in danger; material artist; Panda


Real name: Kim Minseok

Race: Demon

Powers: ???

Status: ???

Person: fluffy, often fights with Baek over sweets; doesn't trust people easily; Orphan; overprotective/ cares for his little sister;


Real name: Zhang Yixing

Race: ???

Powers: ???

Status: ???

Person: random; looks high most of the time; open-minded; often referred to be rude; healing unicorn




Suho's Pack:


Real name: Kim Junmyeon

Race: Werewolf

Powers: shapeshifting (reddish-brown fur, black "mane"; yellow eyes, with purple pupil)

Status: ???

Person: caring; friendly; can be creepy; struggles with emotional decisions; Alpha of the pack; often called "eomma"; student president


Real name: Wu Yifan

Race: Werewolf

Powers: shapeshifting (sandy, golden fur; yellow eyes)

Status: ???

Person: acts cold; doesn’t talk much, besides to his pack; patient; second in command; vice president of student council


Real name: Xi Luhan

Race: Werewolf

Powers: shapeshifting (orang/brown fur, white dots on his back; sparkling yellow eyes, with big dark pupil)

Status: ???

Person: diva; loveable; cute (at times); loves birds; part of student council; oldest pack member; called "deer"


Real name: Park Chanyeol

Race: Werewolf

Powers: shapeshifting (gray fur; black, heart shaped patch on his neck, yellow eyes)

Status: ???

Person: cold to people he doesn't know; clumsy; nice; happy; part of student council; happy virus


Real name: Kim Jongdae

Race: Werewolf

Powers: shapeshifting (golden fur, with some brown patches; yellow eyes)

Status: ???

Person: trolling is life; dislikes people, who don't laugh at his ed jokes; part of student council; dinosaur


I would appreciate, if you could give me some Feedback, either due comments or up-votes, but nobody will hunt you down if you don't.

Kamsahamnida Jessi-chan (Jessiiloli) for the cover!



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