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The surprised, almost sceptical look on the man’s face has Jongin sort of wanting to run and hide.



Pairing: TaeKai.
Word Count: 1240.
Rating: G.
Genre: AU, Fluff.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot.
Warnings: None.


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bcksbcks #1
Chapter 1: This was so cute! Jongin is adorable and Taemin the perfect match for him.
Totyfroty #2
Chapter 1: Sequel please!!!:'(
IamTamed26 #3
Chapter 1: aww this was so sweet...such a good read.. I wish someone would give me a free hug too <3 thanks for making me smile, dear author, i hope you have a good day (it's night time here at my place though XD) ~~~
Chapter 1: aww jfc this is adorable im smiling so hard ahhhh ;;;;
this is so cute omfg rip me im dead ;;;
amacchi #5
omg this was so adorable and i loved it so much!! and tbh i could totally imagine jongin giving out free hugs for that reason irl.
woosansweetkins #6
Chapter 1: This is cute.. i loved it. Write more please^^
Shihaam1 #7
Chapter 1: I Enjoyed This TaeKai Story Sequel Please:D
Chapter 1: This was totally cute!
Chapter 1: This was so cute omg. And pinkhaired!jongin my favorite <3
matchy #10
Chapter 1: aww this is so cute! :D