You and I

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Inspired by a friend who is going through a hard time. It sort of fit with real life events, and hence the main character. We all know I seldom like to write anyone other than TOP but Jiyong might finally be the exception to the rule.

Sweetie, hang on to the thread of hope, okay? Coz really it's all we have. And remember, there's always two sides to a coin.


Usual disclaimer as with any of my one shots. I'm not sure if I will or should continue this.

Edit: Only a billion thank yous can convey my gratitude to Conny for the lovely poster.


You sigh heavily, tears pricking the back of your eyes as you struggle to look at the document opened on your laptop. Disappointment makes your shoulders droop and your muscles tight as your fingers graze over the keys mindlessly; you’re pretty sure you’re going to have to redo all this work later. You want shared laughs, you yearn for a warm body, an encouraging voice, and sounds of togetherness but all that greets you this winter night is silence, and the clicking of keys.

Occasionally, you look up to your now empty apartment. You’re successful and yet you’re lonely; there is no one around but you feel the need to tell yourself it’ll get better, that you will have someone who will wrap you in his arms, and take you away from the grind of the daily world. You wait for something miraculous to happen, but it never does. It’s just another day in your life.


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lilnugget #1
Chapter 14: I'm crying a little bit. My favorite author, elisaexplosive, had this on a recommendation list she made years back. I only now got to it, but I'm glad I did. She said to look past otp barriers because it can lead you to the really touching, bright stuff. She said it better though. I'm bad with words. But I really liked this.
Despite all of the drugs. Which I think added nice touch anyway.
I dont know what else to say. So I'll end it here
Chapter 14: Freaking awesome!!! Was not expecting that ending!! Totally brilliant!!
Kuro_no_Daisy #3
Chapter 14: But ending just like my delusional thoughts makes this fanfiction fantastic. And surely, deserves my upvote.
Kuro_no_Daisy #4
Last chapter: oh but what happened to the EFFIN THREE PILLS of Ecstasy she had? She seemed to have no reaction at all.

Then: OMG what if it was all just a dream? And if nothing really happened?

DAMN I SHOULD HAVE COMMENTED. I only didn't because I thought it was highly unlikely to happend. And what happened? I WAS FREAKIN DEAD RIGHT.
Yolandi #5
Chapter 1: Nicely written a bit heavy but I still enjoyed it very much
dblaze #6
Chapter 14: real world* sorry typo
dblaze #7
Chapter 14: i actually enjoyed it. it was real like real work like i enjoyed the ending very much. thank you
unplayedpianos #8
Chapter 14: OMFG this is beautiful! I fckin looooove it, seriously. The last two chapters were..... oh God..... I really don't know what to say..... but the ending somehow made me smile. Heck, it's more like a wide grin. Because I love it! The twist, the ending, the OC, the JIYONG, I looooove them.
You're... crazy? Creative? Idk, but you're great! great great!

Sorry for rambling... I just cant stopp.

Ok I'll stop now :3
unycxrnjs_ #9
Hi. I have decided to recommend You and I in my own recommendations. This story is so fantastic that I have decided to do a short write up about it. I hope you do not mind, and if you do, please private message me, and i will put it down immediately.

Great story, and thank you for writing it author-nim. :)