The Strength of Thirteen

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The Pledis Council has known for centuries that their realm would be protected by the bearers of enchanted rings. They thought the answer had finally come when Aron and his friends had taken on the rings, defeating several of their enemies. One day everything goes terribly wrong, nearly dooming the realm.  


Now thirteen young men have been selected and given the rings, but Seungcheol begins to become suspicious when the rings fail to give them power. He overhears that some of the rings holds dark properties, but it's unclear which rings are tainted. His fears are realized when he finds out that the Pledis Council will take strong actions against the ones who are wearing the tainted rings. Seungcheol decides that he's not going to allow this to happen, keeping an eye on all of the young men to see who holds the certain rings. He will keep them safe, no matter what happens, but will he sacrifice the safety of the Realm for twelve young men?



I want to thank my wonderful friend, YuYuan for the beautiful poster. I'm so in love with it

I also want to thank Sky Tiger Graphic Shop for the gorgeous character charts<3.



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I updated with chapter two. I hope you guys enjoy it. I'm sorry about the delay♡.

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Chapter 3: I just recently got into Seventeen, and found this story a while ago. Never got the chance to read it until now. I am REALLY interested in this story. I can't wait to see what the other powers are and what power Seungcheol has. Great job, and I can't wait to read the next chapter.
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Chapter 3: Wow... I'm wondering how Seungcheol has managed to stay this ignorant and sheltered of even the royal family at this point. haha But as he did mention by the end of the chapter, it is nice to see a nobleman of such birth behave like any other man. ^_^ That's always a breath of fresh air. I suppose it doesn't hurt that he's the fifth child and all that though either. >.> Not a bad update, even if it doesn't feel as if all that much was revealed yet. I know it's coming but there are a couple bits that seem repetitive and don't add anything new in the middle (like when Chan kept saying and going towards the stables).

Other than that, I'm now curious as to why none of them know what their powers are yet. I would have thought they'd be trying that out immediately to figure out what they could do. haha But that was a neat way for Chan to discover at least a part of his ability. ;) As for the King and Council, I'm not sure how the power balance works there yet either. You've said the Council controls them and that they in turn essentially rule the country until 'really big decisions come up,' at which point the King then has to preside over them. So does that mean he's simply more of a mediator when the Council gets stuck or does he have some level of power over them beyond regular matters of state, as it were?

I'm still interested to see what else develops after this. Who their foe is? What trouble the tainted rings are going to cause? Etc. haha Good luck with the next update!
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Chapter 2: Quite the beginning you have here. I'm not entirely sure what to feel about what happened in the first chapter, since we were given so little time to feel anything about them before that happened. Undeniably, I'm sad, but it feels rather vague or distant. But making us feel more also would have required more time on them and, as it stands, you're moving us right along into the story with the other boys so there is that. You've definitely got me curious about how close Jeonghan was with the previous group though. *nods*

And like Tigress mentioned below, I'm doubly curious about the world you're constructing here too. Why the secrecy with the Council? How could they think about letting the newer bearers wear such tainted rings? And I have the feeling that they're giving false promises when they say that they'll keep anything from happening. It seems more like they're waiting for something instead. -_- *grumble grumble*

I do like the premise though, and it'll be interesting to see what happens next from here. Good start and good luck with the next update!
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I ve been waiting for update since a long time! Author 화이팅!
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Chapter 2: Very curious indeed! What are they hiding and WHY? And what exactly do they mean by the fate of the world is in their hands? The Mystery thickens! =D
btw you have typos on Scoups name 2x.
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Chapter 1: OMG so sad! Especially that he had to kill him, a man who was his friend. ='(
All in all this idea is Very neat. I like how you had the rings multiply themselves and I'm curious how they did: are they living entities then? Or just changing due to the needs of the wielders, like in response to what happened last and that there is such evil in the land?
Speaking of the land, I'm very curious about the setting! Is this ruled by a Council or a Senate? What kind of world is it set in? And is it a small country side Jeonghan already knew done of the others, or is he from the capital?
Sorry for all the questions! I'm very curious about this and I can't wait to watch it build and develop!
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Chapter 1: Wow. This is so interesting and creative! Please continue! :D
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Chapter 1: Please update soon it's awesome I think it will be a good story ... And jeongcheol please
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This sounds SO awesome
maluoliver 1 points #10
Plz update