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“Ah, really. Chanyeol doesn’t exactly know how to explain to his blind husband that he has fallen out of love.”








30/3: E4SE has now been changed to “subscribers only” as this story has been plagiarized and translated without permission. 

E4SE will not be discontinued, but if more plagiarized/translated version of the story are discovered, E4SE will be deleted. 

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e4se: updates on late november. read my recent blogpost.

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0 points #1
Chapter 9: I wished Baek finds someone who will truly love him, not Yeol obviously.
Neonmagentaa213 #2
Chapter 9: I hope Baekhyun has someone else to be with him. Not Chanyeol I don't want him to go back together with that stupid jerk
Chanbaekyashi #3
Chapter 9: New chapters!!!
Chapter 9: What I can say in this...Chanyeol is so stupid in this story...he can't see how much Baek sacrificed for him....he even ran away with Chanyeol to marry him...wow...Chanyeol is really a jerk...just wait until the moment he will regret everything...ㅠㅠ and I can't wait for november...you will comeback right authornim?
Angie_gc12 #5
Chapter 9: I just want to hug Baekhyun he finally does the right thing for himself and this bull happens I’m upset. Love the story though.
Angie_gc12 #6
Chapter 3: Second chapter and I hate chanyeol. I’m so pressed
Angie_gc12 #7
Chapter 1: First chapter and I’m already shook.
Chapter 9: I've just discovered this fic and it's really good. This story has been playing with my feelings and i kinda down and moody today urghhh I will wait for the next update :(
Nesteho00 #9
Chapter 9: This the first time I commenthought on book I read and I must say I'm utterly and truly in love with your story and plzzzz I'm begging u update it is always use to ignore uncompleted stories buh I couldn't help myself and now I kind of wish I saw after u have completed the story
Neveragain__ #10
Don't worry, we will wait. Good luck with your exams!